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At LightSpeed we pride ourselves in helping our clients to reach their target markets. In some cases our clients aren’t quite clear on who their target market is – we can help with that too.

We set up our clients to sell online with WooCommerce, whether they are running a subscription business, selling physical products or digital courses.

We can assist tour operators to build Tour Operator websites, aiming their travel packages to the relevant markets, whether it’s student travel, luxury tours, or educational missions.

We help our clients to market themselves online using MailChimp, including training them to use the software themselves

LightSpeed’s products are open-source and published under the GNU General Public Licence V3. To ensure the continuous improvement of our software we use the following awesome tools.

LightSpeed uses GitHub to host all our Open Source Software.

Product Development

Invite-Only Professional Networks

We’re part of some elite professional groups that have opened up LightSpeed to the global market, which has confidence in our skills because we are a part of these exclusive, invite-only networks.

Proud Member of the WordPress Community

Ashley Shaw, LightSpeed founder and CEO, has attended WordPress meetups around the world, in Nijmegen, Munich, and two in Cape Town. In the US, he attended WordCamp San Francisco 2014 as well as the 2014 WooConf.

Ashley has attended WordCamp Europe in Seville (2015), in Vienna (2016) and in Paris (2017). Back home in Cape Town, he was organizer and attendee of a WordPress meetup in 2008 which was done specifically on Matt Mullenweg’s request. The event was organized in about a week and had a healthy turnout of around 50 attendees.

Ashley was one of the organisers of WordCamp in 2011 and 2012, and since 2013 he and the rest of the LightSpeed team have been attending WordCamps every year.

WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress

We believe in open source. Find us on Github

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Some of the team you’re likely to meet

Ashley Shaw
Chief Executive Officer

As founder and CEO of the company, Ashley’s time is split between generating or nurturing leads around the world, client consultation and managing his team.

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Barbara Kerr-Shaw
Chief Financial Officer

Barbs looks after the financial aspects of our business, account management, office administration, our fabulous team and the resident 6 felines.

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Ignatius Vermaak
Technical Lead

Iggi develops technical specifications for our WooCommerce projects, manages our developers, handles support requests and ensures an agile workflow.

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Garth Glaum
Project Manager

Garth is LightSpeed’s Project Manager. Garth was a project manager in KwaZulu-Natal for several years, before relocating to Cape Town.

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