Company Overview

Founded in 2003 by Ashley Shaw, LightSpeed WordPress Development has progressed from a start as a WordPress website solutions company that catered to a spread of client requirements (with a focus on the tourism sector) on to becoming a leading WP specialist development company.

In 2020, the company now features valuable credentials gained via endorsements and associations with both the focal WordPress community and organisation. These have been earned over many years through engagement and participation in WordCamp and WP MeetUp conferences across the globe. At this time, the company now stands tall in its field as a result of the significant gains made since its founding, and is now a proud member of the elite few companies in the world that are both WooExperts and Mailchimp Experts.

Our Culture

With our focus on website development, we pride ourselves as being a nimble team that’s able to meet the demands of an ever-changing digital landscape – and at LightSpeed, we achieve this by relying on collaborative tools that keep our team members connected and informed. With team members located across the globe, the working culture that’s helped us achieve this is one that’s becoming increasingly adopted by companies across the globe – remote working, with well-defined regular check-ins that ensure that our team are always kept in the loop and are able to deliver on their area of our operations.

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Our aim is to keep an eye on the future, as we continuously improve the solutions and services we provide to our clients.


Our mission is to develop excellent WordPress websites for our clients that are supported by excellent email marketing and e-commerce to generate great visibility in search engines while driving solid traffic and sales.

Our Work

Our core team consists of the sharpest minds we can find – and they add up to an experienced team that has worked together for more than 10 years and in possession of a skills base that allows us to complete a number of simple to complex website projects concurrently. Whether startups or large-scale digital publishing platforms and all the way through to e-Commerce, we’re able to apply the experience gained through our development of several software applications and products that transform WordPress into a fully-fledged CMS capable of meeting your needs and demands.

Our Experience

It’s our experience in website design and development, with a focus on WooCommerce, that has seen us improve the visibility and traffic for a number of clients in the Tour Operator and eCommerce industries. In the process, our team has accumulated skills that enable us to continue to deliver high-performance websites for tour operators that are targeted at travel packages in relevant markets, whether student, luxury or educational in nature.

Our Speciality

We pride ourselves on helping our clients find and keep their target market – and we achieve this by specializing in enhancing the performance of WordPress websites. To make this happen for you, our team can help set your WooCommerce up to boost sales whether yours is a subscription business, selling physical products or digital courses. Once your sales engine is running smoothly, we’re then able to assist you with marketing yourself online by making use of Mailchimp – and this includes training your team to make the most of automation and email marketing.

Health & Fitness Solutions

You need a stylish and affordable website for your health & fitness business – and we at LightSpeed are ready to be your partner as you take your business to the next level.

As a web design and development business, we specialise in building flexible and effective websites for the health & fitness industry using the WordPress, WooCommerce and our own LSX Health plugin.

With 17 years’ experience, we enhance availability and communication for our clients through content-based website designs that incorporate LSX Health. Using this custom-developed tool, integrated with WooCommerce, we can enable you to effectively and successfully sell health & fitness plans online.

Open Source Product Development

Our promise to you is to deliver secure and reliable development – and we keep our promise through our commitment open source, with all of our products released and published under the GNU Public License v.3 (and you can view all of our published products over on Github). In line with our committed approach to keeping our LSX theme and extensions free Open Source, we recently released all our extensions and core software on

Interested in our Open Source Products? You’ll find them all here.


We’re proud members of an elite global set of Partners that share advances in development which provide us with the ability to super-boost your website.

MailChimp Partner
(and listed on Mailchimp Experts Directory)

WooCommerce Expert
(and listed on WooExperts Directory)

Verified Experts on Invite-Only Professional Networks

Our certifications and verifications for a range of cutting-edge technologies rank us amongst the world’s leading WordPress, WooCommerce and Mailchimp experts – and it’s through our Partner network that we’re able to pass on the benefit of best practices to you, and your online business.

We’re also proud to list the following leading technologies in our field:

  • Wetu (our custom plugin plugin allows Tour Operators to import Tour Itineraries, Destinations and Accommodation from the Wetu Content API)
  • Zoho CRM (custom Caldera Forms addon)
  • PayFast (custom free Payment Gateway integration plugin)

Our Partners also include the
world’s leading development tools:

Our Process

Using over 10 years’ experience, we follow a tried and trusted process to take your online business from where you are, to where you want to be – at light speed.


(Optional phase)We analyse your needs, and then develop concepts which match your requirements, and test these in a round of experiments. Once we’ve reached agreement on the feasibility of the ideal solution for your business, we enable you and your team to gain the confidence to move forward with the WordPress, WooCommerce and / or Mailchimp tools you need to help you to find the right solution for your needs.


Once a solution has been decided on, we accelerate the process by developing a detailed spec that includes wireframe design and an implementation plan – with this comprehensively scoped to implement the solution and execute on the detailed design and plan documents.


Execution now proceeds according to the design and plan, through the migration and expansion of your customized website. The solution identified as the best fit is now realised in production, and your site takes flight. As deployment takes place, so the need to deliver customers can be realised through email marketing and communications.


Once implemented, our team consider the best means to establish best practices for your operations. With your site now in its steady state, our goal is to review existing processes and technologies with a view to enhancement that will enable your business to stand out from the crowd and meet your targets.


While we consistently hold our work to the highest standards, we’re also very proud that our work has gained recognition and acknowledgement that’s reflected in the range of awards that we’ve earned over the years.

Velociti Enterprise Development Programme Winner 2009

Future 100 Awards Platinum Award 2011

Proud Member of the WordPress Community

With a focus on WordPress development our founder and CEO, Ashley Shaw, has been instrumental in spearheading WordPress gatherings in Cape Town, and organised a WordPress meetup in 2008 specifically on WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg’s request. Ashley was also one of the organisers of WordCamp in both 2011 and 2012 and since then he and the rest of our team have attended local WordCamps in Cape Town annually.

As a highly engaged member of the global WordPress community, Ashley has also attended a range of WordPress meetups around the world, including Nijmegen, Munich, and two in Cape Town. In the US, he has attended WordCamp San Francisco 2014 as well as the 2014 WooConf and has also attended WordCamp Europe in Seville (2015), in Vienna (2016) and in Paris (2017), Belgrade (2018), Berlin (2019).

Some of the team you’re likely to meet

Ashley Shaw
Chief Executive Officer

As founder and CEO of the company, Ashley’s time is split between generating or nurturing leads around the world, client consultation and managing his team.

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Barbara Kerr-Shaw
Chief Financial Officer

Barbs looks after the financial aspects of our business, account management, office administration, our fabulous team and the resident 6 felines.

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Ignatius Vermaak
Support Manager

Iggi develops technical specifications for our WooCommerce projects, manages our developers, handles support requests and ensures an agile workflow.

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