How we work

We aim to cultivate strong relationships with our clients in which we provide them with the right solutions, at the right time and at the right price.

Some of the great brands we work with:

This is how we work

By working collaboratively, innovatively and iteratively we continuously improve our offering.

Partnership in WordPress and WooCommerce

As your business grows and changes, your website needs to follow suit and evolve with it – and this is where our emphasis on partnership comes into play. As your partner in online innovation, our focus is on your website’s changing needs and how we can apply our skills and experience in helping you achieve and sustain growth. Our way of working is designed to enable your online business to become well-established, and then grow to make the most of the ever-changing digital landscape. How you respond to these changes is the route to your future success – and you can rely on us to be with you at every step and help you to reach your next destination.

Helping your site evolve through collaboration and innovation

As verified WordPress and WooCommerce experts, we keep a close eye on the latest developments, updates and innovations that can improve and accelerate the performance and functionality of the websites we deliver.

As and when your needs change and evolve, we use our collaborative approach to assess and advise how and where we believe optimisations and improvements would serve your objectives best. The final outcomes and implementations will always be informed by the objectives of your business and how your website helps you meet them.

These are some of the ways we enhance website performance to increase engagement and conversions:

  • A/B testing
  • Accessibility
  • Brand personality
  • Fast page speeds
  • Scalability
  • SEO optimisation
  • Tight security
  • UX Enhancements

What’s involved?

1. Research Workshops

2. Wireframes Design

3. Development

4. Testing

5. Regular status calls

6. Continuous improvements

Steps to success:

Long-term collaboration, constant and responsive support, and a website that is performing at its best.

  • Identify Problems
  • Propose solutions
  • Prototype and build
  • Launch improvements

6-step process

Our services can be broken down into six essential phases of the web development process:

Discover →

The discovery phase is the most critical step in building your website; it’s the foundation on which we base the rest of the site build.


By understanding your business and needs, we’re better positioned to plan how to provide you with an exceptional site.


With a website review completed and a solid content plan at hand, we’re ready to build your website.


After design and development is complete, we move your site to our live hosting environment.


We can assist you with security, stability and maintenance tasks like upgrades to WordPress and all associated plugins.


With a secure site up and running, you’re ready to grow your online presence.

What you can expect:

Collaboration, innovation and partnership that keeps channels open whilst pushing forward to find the very best solutions for your needs, every time. And throughout it all, our primary aim is to understand your business so well that we’re aligned and in tune with your thinking.

Our Tried & Trusted Approach

Using Lean Thinking and transparency, we partner with you to deliver innovation.

We’ve always placed a lot of emphasis on thinking differently.

Now more than ever, partnership is what provides the clarity and collaboration needed to ensure that we’re all on the same page, and dancing to the same beat. When we’re in sync, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

Our approach is built on Partnership, Innovation, Clear Communication, and Lean Thinking.

When we’re guided by these principles, the sky’s the limit and the results are outstanding.


  • We believe that partnership brings out the best ideas and ensures we’re able to keep your goals front and centre of everything we do.
  • By listening and understanding, our team is able to find and apply the best-in-class solutions to your needs. Using agile methodology, we’re able to stay nimble and responsive to your requirements so that the aims of the project are always in focus and delivery is kept on track.


  • Because we live and breathe WordPress and WooCommerce, we’re always at the forefront of the latest developments that deliver your ideal outcomes.
  • By balancing tried and trusted methodology with our constant learning, we’re able to continuously improve the services and solutions we apply to every project. We’re always looking ahead to find game-changing innovations that enable fresh thinking to be applied in ways that enable us to break new ground and get you ahead, and keep you there.

Clear Communication

  • We keep the channels open so that you’re always fully aware of how we’re working towards achieving your goals. 
  • By using well-defined processes that make it very clear how we work towards your aims, we keep our approach simple, effective and understandable. This is how we ensure we have your confidence as we move forward in each step of your project. We’re available, open to discussion and ready to listen. It’s how we build trust and keep things moving.

Lean Thinking

  • The Lean approach means we’re always clear about the objectives we’ve agreed upon, and can stay focused on your priorities. 
  • We believe in the effectiveness of agile methodology. When applied to every phase of your project’s progress, it enables our team to apply the very best  thinking to overcome any challenge and achieve exceptional results.

Why LightSpeed?

Our world-class solutions and services are certified, verified, and at your disposal.

The ‘Preferred’ WooCommerce & WordPress Experts.

With over 10 years’ experience in creating industry-leading WordPress websites for a wide range of clients, we create and deliver websites that drive your online success. As your website partner, we enable you and your business to make the most of WordPress and Block Editor.

Why LightSpeed?

We live WordPress, so you can concentrate on your brand and customers.

Certified Experience

Our passion for WooCommerce and WordPress means that you have a partner in innovation you can rely on, every time

Tactical, timely and attentive

We’re constantly learning and always have an eye on the latest development so that your online business is designed to succeed.

Next-level Woo expertise

Years of laser focus have earned us the trust of our clients and the WooCommerce and WordPress certifications to back it up.

With you every step

From day one, we take the time to understand and accelerate your online business’ success through partnership and support

Partnering to deliver exceptional results

Partnership means we never lose sight of your requirements.

We’re here to listen and understand your needs, so that our team acts efficiently and effectively in delivering what you need, when you need. As partners in collaboration, we build trust and keep things moving to deliver exceptional results.

Want A Free Consultation?

Consultations last around 30 minutes and are designed to understand your needs.

Our free 20 to 30-minute consultations assist us in understanding your needs, and can be followed by a paid discovery phase. This might take a week or longer, after which we’re able to cost a discovery phase or, if we are clear enough, we’re able to quote on a proposed solution.