Beta late than never


This is the first real post that I am writing on the new LightSpeed 2.0 website! Exciting stuff. We have been busy for about a year and a half researching Web Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimization, New Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Viral Marketing, and usage of WordPress and MediaWiki as tools for building an effective and memorable web presence. I like to refer to this period as our “Alpha” Stage. We are very happy to announce that today we launched LightSpeed Version 2.0 BETA. We still have a lot of polishing to do before we can move out of BETA and we emerge with our ‘full version release’! We’re aiming to have the full version of our website ready for consumption by 1st November 2007.





In our world, the alpha version of a product describes the phase just before full testing starts of all its functionality. Even if it’s not feature complete, it should satisfy all the software requirements.The alpha build of LightSpeed 2.0 was made possible through the invaluable work carried out by our staff as well as a number of foreign Interns from countries such as Germany, Netherlands and Finland who have contracted to work with us over the past year. These interns brought a completely fresh and unique perspective to the research and work being carried out. In a rush to market, we also engaged with business contacts such as Charl Norman, Dave Duarte, Max Kaizen and Malan Joubert to assist us with developing our processes. So now we’re moving into Beta out of Alpha and we are officially open for business!

With our processes defined, we can start applying them on a larger scale to the web solutions that we implement… so it’s time to get our message out there. Our own website is a good example of the approach we are going to take i.e. get a beta version up as quickly as possible so that user feedback starts rolling in straight away. Along this vein, please go to our contact page and tell us if you find bugs or errors on our website. We will be working on the website content and functionality over the coming weeks. We’re aware that our WordPress theme has currently got some errors and compatibility issues with certain browsers e.g. Opera doesn’t display the footer image, IE 6 + 7 both have a footer image that’s out by 1 pixel to the right… but tell us again anyway! Should you have any suggestions on design or layout don’t hesitate to send your ideas through to us. Your feedback is invaluable and is needed to make us better not BETA.
What we want to do is always strive to be “cutting edge” while leaning towards “bleeding edge” so that we keep up with current trends. We aren’t entirely refering to the concept of Beta in its traditional sense as we’re developing an idea not software. All of our products are based on Open Source Stable Release Candidates. That’s why we liked the idea of launching a BETA version of the company and gradually build up our content for the website.
LightSpeed hopes that you like what you have seen so far. Please keep coming back over the following weeks to see the developments changing live.