Payfast – A Woocommerce Payment Gateway

Get ready to dive into the world of Payment Gateways. More precisely, the payment gateways that are compatible with your Woocommerce store. Woocommerce has quickly become the leading name in WordPress-based e-commerce. The unbelievable amount of available features the Woocommerce plugin offers has allowed business owners to easily expand into the online market. Though having … Continue reading

LSX: Version 1.8.0 Released

Version 1.8 of LSX, our free WordPress theme, is finally seeing the light of day. We’ve added a suite of new features as well as usability improvements, and have added a range of extensions that you can buy to add rich functionality to an already awesome theme. The theme and extensions are as follows: Core Theme … Continue reading

GiveWP PayFast Extension Version 1.1 Released

Setting up recurring donations can help businesses to encourage ongoing, incremental donations rather than having to push for larger, once-off donations. GiveWP and PayFast have just made setting these up possible for South African businesses. GiveWP PayFast extension now supports recurring donations Give, the WordPress Donations plugin, released an add on that makes it possible … Continue reading

Why we use

When it comes to making good use of Twitter, it’s all about maximizing on characters. When operating a company’s Twitter account (whether your own or for a client), you’ll want to avoid using abbrvtd wrds as they can make you look unprfsnl… So how do we keep character count down and still write legible tweets that still … Continue reading

Tour Operators: How to leverage social media

Social media is a powerful platform that helps to drive website traffic. A presence on social media is something that people rely on turning to before going to your website. In this blog post we look at the benefits of an active social media presence to your Tour Operator company. Facebook Once you’ve got a branded page for your Tour Operator company … Continue reading

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