Catalog Visibility Options extension for WooCommerce

The Catalog Visibility Options extension for WooCommerce allows you to turn your WooCommerce store into an online catalog. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to use this extension.

How the Catalog Visibility Options extension works

Setting up an online catalog through this extension is as easy as selecting a few options from dropdown menus. First, you will need to go to WooCommerce>>Settings>>Visibility Options. In the Visibility Options tab you will first see a field called Purchases. This field allows you to take the eCommerce functionality off your online shop. To take away functionalities such as add to cart buttons, you will need to select “disabled” from the drop down list. The “enabled for logged in users” option will only take away eCommerce functionality for logged out users.
Catalog Visibility Options extension
Next you will select options from the Prices field. This field works in the same way as the Purchases field, with the difference being that it enables or disables prices on your catalog. Sometimes you still want to show users how much the item costs, even though they can’t buy it online. If this is the case, you will select “enabled” from the drop down list.
Catalog Visibility Options extension
Additionally you can choose to replace the “add to cart” text with your own message. For example, let’s say you would like people to create wish lists on your catalog website that they might share with others. Then you would replace the “add to cart” text with “add to wishlist” text in the Catalog Add to Cart Button Text field. You can also choose to replace prices with your own text in the Catalog Price Text field.
Furthermore you can choose to add alternate text that will be shown on your single product pages. Let’s say you would like to add a message telling people how they can order from you, then you can insert the message in the Alternate Content field, or you can add an image with a map to your physical store’s address. Another option is to add an order contact form to this area.
Catalog Visibility Options extension
Lastly, you can choose to show only certain products to specific countries. Let’s say you sell a product that you will post locally but not internationally, even though you still sell products to the international market. This setting will allow you to display the local products to your local audience only. To configure this you would choose “enabled” in the Location Filter Functionality field. Thereafter, you would choose a page on your website that will ask users from which country they are browsing. Then you would specify whether it is required for users to say from which country they are browsing in the Location Selection Requirements field.
Catalog Visibility Options extension


The The Catalog Visibility Options extension for WooCommerce is easy to use and it makes the WooCommerce software useful to anyone who would like to showcase their products online. Read more about how to use this plugin on the WooThemes documentation.