LightSpeed’s team of developers are passionate WordPress aficionados and WooThemes devotees. We work with WordPress and WooThemes every day of our lives and we consider ourselves to be really good at what we do. We take pride in our work – which is of a very high standard – and we have accumulated a large portfolio of awesome clients that speaks for itself. Ninjas, Grand Masters, Assassins, Big Leaguers – call us what you will, we are professionals.
This is why we find it disturbing when clients come asking us to submit a proposal for the cheapest quote.

Cheap rarely means Quality work

Cheap – Quite frankly the word sends shivers down our spines. Cheap has never been equated with quality or enduring value.
In fact, let’s have a quick look at what some of the synonyms the Merriam Webster Thesaurus provides for the word ‘Cheap’:

  • of low quality
  • arousing or deserving of one’s loathing and disgust
  • involving minimal difficulty or effort

None of that sounds like anything that we want a part in, and as a customer, nor should you.

The Project Triangle states it simply. If you want a project to be good quality, cheap and delivered fast, you are out of luck. You have to choose two of these attributes, and give up on the other.

Skilled in the Way of Woo

A couple of months ago it was with great pleasure that we announced being accepted as an official affiliated woo Worker. We love Woo Themes and we work with them every day, with the Woo Canvas theme or utmost favourite and the starting point for most of our projects
Recently discussion between Affiliated Woo Workers has ignited around some instances of being spammed by potential clients to provide the cheapest quote for a project. Currently the Affiliated Woo Workers page does have a section on Rules that should be complied with before a potential customer starts contacting the Woo Workers. The recent requests that have led to this discussion clearly contravened the last rule of Woo contact:

  • Please do not mass email all our affiliated woo workers with your requirements and ask them to bid on the work required.

During this discussion,  some suggestions on improving the intake process for Affiliated Woo Workers came up:

  • The creation of a AWW Request for Proposal that makes the client fill out everything the developers need to create a decent quote. This proposal should also contain enough information to enable the Woo Workers to make the decision to quote or pass on the job. This form could be linked to from the Affiliated Woo Workers page on WooThemes.
  • Part of this pre-project form could relate to criteria that would help filter the requests to the appropriate Woo Affiliates, by scale of project, niche or availability.
  • A status or availability setting would be nice to have visible next to Woo affiliates’ names.
  • A price range for certain projects like Sortfolio, or an agreement on some pricing models/ranges and best business practices between Woo Workers could also help.

If, in time, the Affiliate Woo Workers are rolled into the Woo Jobs site, it will still be important to differentiate between average service providers and the endorsed Woo Workers that can be counted on to modify WooThemes. This could be achieved by having:

  • An “Endorsed by WooThemes”, “Preferred Supplier” or “Affiliated Woo Worker” badge next to our profiles, and also having the functionality to search and filter by Affiliated Woo Workers
  • A “Jobs posted/Jobs awarded” and “Jobs completed” indication for clients and service providers respectively

Educate your customers

In light of this debate, we have decided to take the initiative and create our new Client Intake Form. This intake form contains all the questions that we feel are necessary for us to submit a decent proposal.
We feel that it is in both ours and the client’s best interest to be educated and informed beforehand on the due process of gaining a quote. If customers can be educated in learning what they need before sending out for a quote, it will save time and money for all parties concerned.

Try out our New Client Intake Form

We would love to have your feedback on our new Client Intake Form! Please sound off in the comment section below.