The Courierit Shipping Extension for WooCommerce allows you to get live shipping rates from Courierit based on the weight and dimensions of your products. It requires that your store uses South African Rands for its currency and your server uses SimpleXML (Contact your hosting to find out if SimpleXML is supported). The extension works with measurements in Centimeters (cm) and weight in Kilograms (kg). The calculation requires that the following store settings be fully configured, each of the following is clearly described in the documentation.

  • Every field in the extension’s settings configuration screen, including the box sizes that you use to ship your goods
  • Every product you intend shipping with Courierit needs a special shipping class assigned
  • Every product you intend shipping with Courierit must have their weight and dimensions configured

For support or tracking related queries that relate to the Courierit service and not the CourierIT WooCommerce shipping extension, please contact Courierit directly:
+27 21 555 6777

The CourierIT extension for WooCommerce can calculate quotes for domestic shipping within South Africa, International shipping is not currently supported by the WooCommerce extension/plugin.


  1. Download the .zip file from your account.
  2. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload the file you downloaded.
  3. Activate the extension.

More information at: Installing and Managing Plugins.


Go to WooCommerce > Settings > ShippingSelect CourierIT underneath the tabs and configure the settings

  • Enable CourierIT – Choose whether to enable this shipping method.
  • Debug Mode – Choose whether to enable debugging. Debug messages will be displayed on the cart and checkout pages and is useful for reporting bugs to a developer.


Plugin Updates

These settings need to be configured if you want to be able to update the plugin via the WordPress dashboard. Login to, then visit My Account to get your API details for Courierit

  • API Email – The email address you used when you purchased the plugin.
  • API Key – This is the unique activation key that is generated when you purchased the plugin.


Dispatch Details

Before you configure these settings, make sure your postal code is correct for the suburb your shipments will originate from. SAPO Postal Codes.

  • Method Title – This controls the shipping title users will see on the cart and checkout page.
  • Street Address  – Enter the street address of the sender. This is used on the waybill.
  • Apartment, suite, unit etc. (optional) – This is used on the waybill, when entered.
  • Origin Suburb – Used on waybill, and essential for Courierit to return rates.
  • Origin City – Used on waybill, and essential for Courierit to return rates.
  • Origin Postcode – Post code from where you ship, is used on the waybill, and essential for Courierit to return rates.
  • Sender Name – Used on waybill
  • Sender Email – Used on waybill
  • Sender Contact Number – Used on waybill
  • Method Availability – Must be set to Specific Countries
  • Specific Countries – Must be set to South Africa


Courierit API Settings

You need to acquire your Courierit API details from Courierit directly before configuring these settings.

  • Username
  • Password
  • Account Number
  • Site ID
  • Services to use – At current the below service that supported by the extension and you can choose which ones you want your customers to be able to use:
    • Overnight Courier
    • Non-Express
    • Economy


Free Shipping

You first need to enable the checkbox to reveal more settings that control how free shipping is applied. This setting is useful as a sales marketing technique, when you want to offer free shipping if certain cart conditions match.

  • Free Shipping – Enables free shipping.
  • Offer: Cart Value – Set a minimum required cart value that must be matched or exceeded before free shipping is offered.
  • Don’t Offer: Rate exceeds – Set a percentage of the cart value that if matched or exceeded will prevent free shipping from being offered.
  • Services – Select the service level that you want free shipping to use.
  • Show Other Services – Enable if you want the other services to be offered when free shipping is offered.



The box size manager lets you define the sizes of the boxes and packaging you use when shipping your products. Items in the cart will be summed together and allocated to the appropriate box size. CourierIT doesn’t provide boxes, so the store will have their own box sizes that must be set in the box size manager. Boxes are used in order to get a quote. If a customer purchases 6 fairly small items, the best box will be chosen for shipping. This is to keep the number of shipped items to the minimum. NOTE: The box allocation is volume based. This will provide good results in most cases, but will never be as accurate as a real person packing a box. Therefore, it’s important to understand that packing results are as accurate as possible, and any anomalies should reasonably be expected.

How the calculation works

The box manager:

  • Finds boxes that fit items being packed (uses H x W x D).
  • Packs all items into boxes (using volume).
  • Uses the largest box fitting 100% of items *or* uses the highest % packed box, and then passes unpacked items back (and repeats the process)
  • Packs un-packable items alone, using item dimensions.
  • Returns all packed boxes.

Setting up box sizes

In the Box Sizes section, Select ‘Add box’ to add a new box and set up it’s size and weight.

  • Dimensions are used for parcel dimensions and passed to the API for the shipping quote.
  • Box weight is the weight of the box itself and added to the weight of contents.
  • Max weight is the maximum weight your box can hold. This includes the weight of contents and the box.


Zones Fallback

These are rates set in the backend per weight and per area that the Courierit extension falls back to if for whatever reason it can’t pull rates from the Courierit API. Click on the “Add Zone” button to add a fallback zone, in the below example, products weighing up to 5KG that are shipped to the Eastern Cape will have a fallback cost of R100 that will be used when the API cannot be accessed.



Product Shipping Class, Weight & Dimensions

CourierIt needs it’s own shipping class that must be set on a per-product basis for the products that you want to ship with Courierit, as opposed to other products (your two door fridge) which Courierit cannot ship and alternative shipping should be set up to ship them instead. Or The shipping class is configured in a product’s Product Data section as seen below. Create shipping class must be created in the WooCommerce Shipping Setting first. To create the shipping class, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Classes and create a shipping Class called “CourierIt Express”, the Slug must be one word, “courieritexpress” and you can use any description you prefer.


Shipping classes
prod data
Shipping class configured in the single product edit screen.

 WooCommerce Tax Settings

The tax configuration is done in the Woocommerce settings as it is a Woocommerce core feature. To set this up, please review the tax documentation on the Woocommerce site. 

Configure the tax settings as normal but do not apply VAT tax to shipping, since CourierIT sends the amount excluding tax and the tax amount, which are summed and added to the total at cart and checkout level.

How to Generate a PDF Waybill

All shipment packages must include a printed out PDF waybill attached to the package. The waybill is generated on demand by clicking the Waybill PDF link below the shipping method in the Orders Directory. Waybills can only be printed once the order has been completed. The Waybill includes a Code 128 formatted Barcode of the waybill number (uses the WooCommerce order number)

Click the Waybill PDF link to print.


Customer Usage

Cart & Checkout

To test the rate lookup flow:

  1. Purchase a product that has had its dimensions and weight set, and has it’s shipping class set to Courierit Express
  2. Click on view cart
  3. under Shipping, Click Calculate Shipping.
  4. Then, select country and province.
  5. Then, type in your suburb/city. This will then populate a list with matching suburb and city names to select
  6. On selecting the correct suburb/city, the postal code will be auto populated with the correct code.
  7. click Update Totals. The rate quote will then be calculated and shown next to the Courierit shipping method.
  8. On checkout you will see shipping options. Which will be re-calculated on address information changes.


Email Notification Template

A link to track shipping is added to a custom Notification Email to be included in the confirmation email that gets sent to the customer after their order has been completed.



No rates returned / no rates available

In the event that no rates are found, WooCommerce handles this by not showing any methods. A “No shipping methods available, contact admin” message is displayed.

Things that will cause this:

  • Timeouts from the CourierIt API and no Zone Fallbacks are configured
  • No Boxes have been setup or no boxes capable of holding items have been set up

Possible solutions:

  • Check that products have sizes and weights set – without this the calculation cannot be initiated.
  • Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > General and check your store’s base country is the South Africa and the currency is set to ZAR
  • Enable debug mode to see debugging info on the cart page.

Shipping rates are way too high

Our support team has noticed that this is usually related to boxes not being configured properly, make sure that all the boxes you use to ship your goods are configured accurately.