You can download this extension directly off our website at –

You can also download and install the extension directly from the backend of your website:

  • Login to the backend of your website
  • Hover over the “Appearance” menu item and select the “LSX” sub-menu item
  • You will notice a list of the current LSX extensions under the “Enhance LSX”
  • Select the extension labelled “LSX Sharing”
  • You will be redirected to our website where you can purchase and download the extension


Navigate to the back-end of your wordpress website

Hover over the “Plugins” item on your Dashboard

Select the “Add New” sub item

Select the “Upload Plugin” option and choose the “LSX Sharing” extension file you recently downloaded

Select “Install Now”

Once the plugin is installed, select “Activate Plugin”

How the extension works

Sharing adds buttons to the bottom of your posts that your readers can use to share your content to their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles. It will work on site running LSX Theme as well as on sites running Storefront.

Need help with a different LSX Block?

Check out all the LSX Blocks documentation and select the tutorial you need.