To download the LSX Teams Extension, follow one of the following steps:

You can also download and install the extension directly from the backend of your website

  • Login to the backend of your website.
  • Navigate to the “Plugins” dashboard item.
  • Select “Add New” when on the plugins page.
  • Search for “LSX Team”.
  • Download and activate the plugin.


To install go to Plugins > Add New.

  • Upload the file you downloaded and click install now
  • When the installation is complete, Activate your plugin.
  • After installation a new Team Members menu appears.

Display Settings

To configure the following display settings, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Display > Testimonials:

  • Display Single Posts – Check this option if you only want an archive Testimonials page.

For archive page placeholder settings, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Testimonials. You can modify the following settings:

Adding a New Testimonial

To add a new team member, go to Testimonials > Add New:

  • Add the title for the testimonial in the title field.
  • Set a Featured Image for the team member.
  • Add your content in the post editor.
  • Configure the following banner display options:

  • Enter the Testimonial Details. Checking Featured enables the testimonial to display in the Testimonial widget.

  • This section is also where you can link your testimonial to LSX Projects, LSX Services and LSX Team, if these LSX Extensions are installed.

Display Testimonials with a Shortcode

Once you have added all your Testimonials and configured their content, you can then add these Testimonials  via shortcodes. These shortcodes are configured using the following shortcode options:


set the number of columns to display

options: 1, 2, 3, 4

default: 1

eg: [testimonials columns=4]


Choose how the testimonials should be ordered

options: none, ID, name, date, rand (or any of the orderby options accepted by WP Query)

Default: name

eg: [testimonials orderby=rand]


whether to display testimonials in ascending or descending order (based on the orderby parameter)

options: ASC, DESC

default: ASC

eg: [testimonials order=’DESC’]


set the maximum number of testimonials to be returned

eg: [testimonials limit=4]


Specify which testimonials to include by entering a comma seperated list of IDs. (This overrides the order and limit parameters; testimonials will display in the order in which the IDs are entered)

Eg: [testimonials include=’7, 38, 19′]


Set the featured image or Gravatar size to display on each testimonial. Accepts numbers only, exclude the ‘px’.

default: 150

Eg: [testimonials size=200]


Choose whether the images should resize according to the size of the viewport (enabled by default)

default: true

Eg: [testimonials responsive=false]


Choose whether the images should display (enabled by default)

default: true

Eg: [testimonials show_image=false]

  • Combine these options to create the testimonials display you desire. Eg:  [testimonials size=100 show_image=true include=’1, 3, 35′]

Displaying Testimonials using a Widget

  • To add testimonials as a widget go to: Appearance > Widgets to find the LSX Testimonial Widget. You can modify the following settings:

  • Once complete, select “Save & Publish” at the top of your WordPress Customiser Menu