LSX Tour Operator adds additional functionality that typical Tour Operators’ websites would need to sell their touring products and services.

Each post type allows you to upload specific content that relates to the other post types. For example, an accommodation is located in a destination, but is also present on the itinerary for a tour that travels through the same and various other destinations.

Following this logic, all the modules (Accommodations; Activities; Destinations; Reviews; Specials; Tours; Vehicles and Team Members) can be interlinked in ways that are useful to customers considering your travel packages.

The 3 highest priority post types are Destinations, then Accommodations and then Tours. When configuring your website using the LSX Tour Operator plugin, it makes the most sense to load the content in this order. In this way you create your Destinations, then your Accommodations, connecting them to the Destinations they are in, and then the Tours, selecting the Destinations and Accommodations that are visited along the itinerary.

Tours, presumably the main sale package of the business, should be configured last. This is so that (in addition to Destinations and Accommodations) all the other post types, such as Reviews, Specials, Vehicles and Activities, can all be already created and connected to the Tours you create.

Tour Operator Documentation

Getting Started

Download & Installation – Download & Install your Tour Operator Plugin

General Settings – Configure general and per-module settings for your Tour Operator Plugin

Homepage Configuration – Add custom Tour Operator content to your homepage

Custom Categories – Link your Post Type content with the Tour Operator Custom Categories

Widgets – Configure your custom Tour Operator Widgets

Configuring Post Types

Destinations – Configure your Destinations post type, create destination pages and link with related posts

Accommodations – Create and configure Accommodations in your accommodation post type

Tours – Create day-by-day digital itineraries & integrate tours with other related posts

Tour Operator Add-On Documentation

Activities – Create and connect Activities to other post types

Reviews – How to list client reviews using LSX Tour Operators

Specials – Create Specials & attach to Tours, Accommodations etc

Galleries – Intergrate your galleries into your various posts and pages

Videos – Add featured videos to your custom TO posts and pages

Team – Configure and assign your team members / employees

Vehicles – List your vehicles and their specifications

Maps – Add specific targeting maps to your various posts

Search – Add additional search functionality to your TO website