In business, we face the facts. It’s harsh territory when it comes to competition and marketing. In reality, most companies in an industry offer similar products. The only thing that makes one outshine the other is how it’s sold.

If you are a Tour Operator and you’ve done your research, there is a high chance that your competition takes similar routes, visits the same accommodations, and hosts the same activities. When there is so much competition, the question is not just how do I bring in traffic, but how do I keep those users interested, and keep them coming back.

1. Marketing
2. Usability
3. Content
4. Communication

These are the four fundamentals of gathering traffic, and having happy clients specifically searching for your website the next time they plan a trip.

Marketing Strategies

We previously described some great methods to improve your online marketing. To summarise, a good marketing scheme will bring people in, but a great one will bring them in and keep them coming back.

There’s never just one big push. Developing a trusting customer base is an ongoing effort.

Newsletters / email advertisement

This is better done subtly. Instead of “Hey, look at these tours”, perhaps have a link to a blog post where a past explorer details their adventures. This is also a great way to advertise specials and give more information on your company’s locations.

Social Media

Today your social media is the heart of your marketing strategy. It feeds your marketing to new clients and gives you multiple platforms for advertising and communication without affecting your pocket. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to provide continuous content to your clients. There are great strategies for growing your social media traffic, get your clients involved by hosting competitions such as “Greatest Environmental Image” where past adventurers can share their favourite tour photos on their social media in hopes winning of winning a free night of accommodation.Tip – Never underestimate the power of visual content. Having a large number of attractive images, and making sure all posts have images increases the chances that post will get traffic.

Tip – Never underestimate the power of visual content. Having a large number of attractive images, and making sure all posts have images increases the chances that post will get traffic.

This allows you to interact with your customers, while also having beautiful images of your tours, tagged with your company name, all over social media.


With limitless options and easy accessibility, most of your customer basis will make their decision based on the ease with which they use your website. This is a contributing factor to your SEO, but is largely to do with your general site structure.

If a client is returning to your website, chances are they had an enjoyable time booking their last tour experience or previously navigating your website. If you are getting recurring clients and website visitors, you know you are doing something right.


Content is King. There is no denying it. Having fresh page content and new blog posts isn’t only good for SEO and marketing, but also shows a user the value you put into your business. This shows your users that you are a productive company. Also, if you have maintained a dedicated number of readers on your blog posts, you’re likely to get business from those followers when they plan their next journey.


This might seem like a marketing tactic but goes deeper than one-way communication approaches such as newsletter marketing. This includes commenting on reviews or social media posts. Not with a heartless “we thank you for your feedback”, but something that shows that the user’s input was valuable to your company.

The experience does not start when the client lands in their destination, but from when they first select your company’s website from the long list of links on the page. Make that memorable, and they will be typing your URL directly into the search bar on their next venture.