As one of the three social media platforms used for our social media strategy, our approach to Twitter needed some work.

In the past we have maintained our own Twitter stream (@feedmymedia) and used it mostly as an observer, reading the tweets of the people we follow and using the service as a news filter to bring interesting news to us.

The strong feedback from our post on the Truth of Twitter in SA and insights gleaned from friends, colleagues and further research forced us to rethink the usefulness of Twitter and so we have decided to get more actively involved.



We defined these objectives for our Twitter account:

  • Use Twitter as a listening channel. Twitter is great to ask questions and feedback from fellow Tweeps
  • Extend the reach of our existing messages online. These messages include blog posts/news, our portfolio updates, Daily Tips, website updates, YouTube videos and relevant event attendance
  • Provide an informal voice of LightSpeed and Feedmymedia to promote our company, share some behind the scenes stories (we have a lot of fun in and out the office) and building relationships
  • Provide thought leadership and credibility, increasing our visibility as the experts in our field of expertise (WordPress) within the online space.
  • Share cool stuff within our sphere of expertise with our followers. This includes retweeting interesting tweets and posting links to relevant news
  • Provide an additional, low-barrier method for anyone to interact with LightSpeed and Feedmymedia to provide feedback, seek help and suggest ideas
  • Monitor mentions on Twitter of our brand, engaging with our critics to resolve any problems or dissatisfaction, and with satisfied customers to thank them for and amplify their positive comments
  • Provide live coverage of events (such as WordCamp, GeekDinner, Net Prophet) for those who cannot attend. We’ve recently covered the Net Prophet event a few weeks ago, and will be doing the same for the upcoming Social Media Forum Africa (1-2 June 2011)

The evolution of the Daily Tip

In the past we had an initiative to publish Daily Tips generated by our Team to showcase our expertise and share valuable resources. LightSpeed’s developers are top notch and we are actively involved with the development of other platforms, such as WP eCommerce.

Unfortunately writing these tips proved to be a big time suck for our development team. As a small studio tackling big projects (and kicking ass while at it) time is a very pricey commodity.

Often the tips were links to other sources, where our developers tracked down useful information that helped them solve problems. They also share useful tips on our internal project Blog, one of our main communication tools at LightSpeed.

This content proved to be better suited to Tweets. In this way we can still have the entire team participating in the conversation and we can continue to share our knowledge with our colleagues, friends in the industry and clients.



Twitter is a powerful communication and information filtering tool and a useful one to have in any business’s Social Media Arsenal. Best of all it’s free, and requires minimal effort to get started. Ignore it at your peril.

I hope this provides some insight into how you can use Twitter for your own business. For more inspiration, check out Chris Brogan’s excellent post on 50 Ideas on using Twitter for Business. It’s a bit old, but still so relevant he might as well have written it yesterday.