You can easily import and export your Woocommerce Variable Products using the Product CSV Import Suite. In fact, this extension allows you to mass import and export all types of products, taking the hassle out of moving larger, more complex products in any form.
In this blog post, I’ll tell you how to import Variable Products and their product variations using the Product CSV Import Suite extension.

What are product variations?

Woocommerce Product Variations comes straight out the box when you’ve installed Woocommerce on your WordPress Website. Haven’t done that yet? Follow this link to get installing, or choose from one of our custom Woocommerce packages, and we will do everything for you.
Basically a Variable Product is a product you sell on your online store that comes in a number of varieties, and you need your customer to choose the options which best suit them.

Setting up your product attributes

When setting up this jacket on your Woocommerce online store, you would choose the “Variable Product” option.
Say you are selling jackets, and those jackets come in a number of different Sizes – Small, Medium and Large (S, M, L).
Next you would need to set your product attributes and set their values. For your Jacket your attribute would be Size, and your values would be S, M & L. If you have another attribute, say the Jackets come in different Colours, then create an additional attribute called “Colour” and set the values (blue, grey etc)

Creating your Variations

Once all of your attributes are sorted, you can start creating your variations. Say you have different prices for your Large Blue Jacket compared to your medium blue jacket, then you would have two variations:

  • Size Large & Colour Blue
  • Size Small & Colour Blue

You can then set completely different prices, shipping details, specials etc on this variation. You can also set defaults if you don’t have different prices. Say all of the colours are the same price, but the sizes are different prices. So you can set variations as so:

  • Size Large & Colour Default
  • Size Medium & Colour Default
  • Size Small & Colour Default

How to Import your Product variations

The most important thing to remember is that you need to import your parent product first. The parent product is the “Variation Jacket” itself. When you go to “Products” in your WordPress admin menu, you will find a list of parent products. If you would like to find out how to import a parent product, have a look at our earlier blog post.
Once you’ve imported your parent product, it’s time to add your product variations. WooThemes provides a sample template that shows you where to add all of your information. They also provide a list of column headers that will guide you through the naming process. In the picture below, I edited their template and added my information for the “Variation Jacket”.
Importing Product Variations
Above you can see that I inserted the name of the product in the “Parent” column and the parent’s sku is in the column after that. “Post_parent_ID” is the ID of the parent product. You can choose to insert either the parent sku or the parent ID. “Post_status” means that once you have uploaded it, the product will be in the state that you specified (draft, publish etc).
The last two columns show the different variations that will be imported. I suggest that you refer to the sample template and column header reference page when setting this up.
Importing Product Variations
After setting up your csv document, it’s time to import it with the Product CSV Import Suite. Go to WooCommerce->CSV Import Suite and choose to import variations. You will then be able to upload the file that you prepared earlier. Thereafter you will be taken to a section where you can map fields (you will also map fields when uploading the parent product). Mapping fields means that you will be able to make sure that the column names in your csv files are correct.
Importing Product Variations
Lastly, you will need to click “submit” and your product variation information will be imported.


Importing product variations is a feature of the Product CSV Import Suite extension. In this blog post, the goal was not to get too technical, but to introduce you to the feature. Now you’ll be able to decide whether this extension is the right enhancement for your online shop.