LightSpeed certified as a Codeable Expert

Certified as a Codeable Expert

On a recent remote working trip to Europe and the US, I attended WordCamp in Paris, where I was fortunate enough to meet Per Esbensen. Per is the CEO of Codeable, a network of WordPress developers providing high quality services to the WordPress community.

Whilst I was in Switzerland shortly thereafter, I initiated communication with Codeable, which ultimately led to a stringent interview process, which was conducted during my time on the West Coast of the US. Two interviews were conducted, whilst I was based in San Francisco. 49% of applicants do not make it past the initial screening phase, so it was reassuring to make it to this stage.
We were extremely proud and happy to be accepted to Codeable on a three-month trial period, as are all new recruits. We are even more proud to say that we earned our Codeable Expert Certificate just two months after being accepted. You can view our certificate on our Personal and Team Codeable profiles

Part of the interview process was to complete a test project to demonstrate our coding skills. We are so proud of the coding on our test project that we ultimately decided to release this work as our free Minimal LSX child theme – “A child theme for LSX called “Minimal”, light on design and light on code. It is built as an example of how LSX can be trimmed down to its essentials without seeming ‘thin’.”
Some useful links to take a look at what Codeable offers, and how to apply to join this network of WordPress professionals:

We are honoured to be a part of this amazing network and look forward to the many opportunities it provides. We worked hard to achieve this and our certification serves as testimony to this.

Our team certificate
Ashley’s personal certificate

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