In a crowded social media landscape, LinkedIn has risen as one of the most important social networks out there. This can be put down to its focus on being a professional networking site, one that serves as an online resume and career site, with job postings, recommendations and the like. With a focus on your professional life and no sign of the photos from this weekend’s drunken exploits posted anywhere, LinkedIn has carved a much needed niche for itself.
There are an estimated 1.1 million LinkedIn users in South Africa (up from an estimated 600 000 last year), and LinkedIn is the 11th most visited website in the country. There can be no doubt that LinkedIn is one of the Social Media big boys in the South African market.


LightSpeed is LinkedIn

LightSpeed’s LinkedIn profile page is an important part of our Social Media Strategy, and we’ve taken the following measures to improve it:


LinkedIn’s primary purpose is networking and your company’s LinkedIn profile will display all the information about your company from around the site. This includes links to the profiles of all current employees, former employees, new hires, and recent promotions.


Your employees connections have an influence on how well connected your company is, and their profiles do reflect back on your company. Keeping this in mind the first step for us was to get every team member to setup and improve their LinkedIn profiles. We also added LinkedIn icons to the individual Team member profiles on our Team page.



The recommendations feature on LinkedIn is one of those features that really sets it apart from the competition. Recommendations carry a lot of weight for potential customers and can often be the deciding factor when having to decide between service providers.


LightSpeed has been serious about collecting Testimonials from our clients since 2010 and we have placed a strong focus on these testimonials on our website, dedicating a page and a custom post type specifically to the goal of promoting our testimonials.


It is only a natural extension for us to now aim to connect with every new (and old!) customer on LinkedIN and to request a recommendation from them upon the successful completion of a project.



As mentioned in our post about our Facebook strategy, Interns make out an important part of our team.

We have decided to extend our view on recommendations to our Interns as well, requesting them to write recommendations on their time with LightSpeed and writing recommendations for them.

We will also be exploring the use of LinkedIN Jobs to post and promote our Internships in the future.


Blog and Twitter integration

Integrating your WordPress blog and Twitter account with your LinkedIn profile is easy.


LinkedIn allows you to import your WordPress blog posts into your profile page. This is great as it lets anyone that comes across your profile click directly to your most recent articles and  is an opportunity to show your expertise.  Setting this up is incredibly simple – just enter in the URL for your blog and it takes care of the rest.

We also display our most recent Tweets on our LinkedIn profile. Now potential clients can see the latest news from our company and it serves as a channel to promote our Twitter account.


LinkedIn button

LinkedIn is a great social network and in light of the strong performance of its shares after its recent IPO, it is clear that investors have a lot of confidence in its continued growth and development.


I hope that our approach to LinkedIn has provided some insight into what can be done on this platform, and sparked your interest in delving deeper into its functionality.