Recently LightSpeed were invited to the Fiverr Pro network, when they saw our profile on the WooExpert network. We are the first WordPress professionals to get this honour.

What is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr is a freelance services marketplace, one of the largest online. Recently launched, Fiverr Pro is a premium network of handpicked professionals, but is also open to current Fiverr sellers. There is a vetting process prior to being accepted to Fiverr Pro.

What is a Gig?

Packages that sellers create on Fiverr are called Gigs. Gigs can cost from $5 upwards. This is where Fiverr’s name originates.
We have already posted our first Gig for building an online store. This package has three options – Basic, Standard and Premium – which determines the complexity of your online store, and what is included in the build. We have given careful thought to the contents of our Gigs on Fiverr, so the client can be assured of the deliverables that they are paying for.

In addition to the online content for our packages, we have decided to create a PDF document which we will be attached to each gig, and will provide further details about the gig and also about LightSpeed. We feel that this pricing table is a great way for clients to evaluate what they are getting.

We have added a portfolio section to our Fiverr profile, to highlight LightSpeed’s best work to new clients.

We believe this thorough approach will help us to stand out on Fiverr Pro, and generate awesome reviews and future leads. Watch our Fiverr profile for new Gigs coming soon!

Fiverr Affiliates

LightSpeed signed up for the Fiverr Affiliates programme since we feel so strongly about referring new clients to this network, and can earn commission on all first time “buyers” in the process.


We are very grateful for this opportunity, and definitely feel that our offerings on Fiverr Pro will add value for their clients, and in addition help LightSpeed to reach a broader customer base. We are looking forward to this new journey on Fiverr Pro. Find out how to become a Fiverr Pro.