LightSpeed Launches LSX Design: A Revolutionary Full Site Editing WordPress Theme

LightSpeed Launches LSX Design: A Revolutionary Full Site Editing WordPress Theme

The LightSpeed team is thrilled to announce that their new WordPress Full Site Editing theme, LSX Design, has been released on

With LSX Design, LightSpeed stays at the forefront of the WordPress evolution, delivering a cutting-edge theme that fully embraces WordPress Blocks & Full Site Editing.

Reviewed and approved by, LSX Design provides a robust design system that features reusable design components for WordPress and WooCommerce, encompassing typography, colour palettes, and layout structures. Available for download at, the theme also showcases a comprehensive suite of Blocks, Patterns, Templates, and Styles.

To strengthen our expertise in Block theme development and Full Site Editing, the LightSpeed team was mentored by Fränk Klein Principal Engineer at @humanmadeltd for The skills imparted through this collaboration are evident in the seamless integration and functionality of LSX Design.

The theme embraces the evolution of WordPress Blocks and Full Site Editing, a core feature of WordPress that allows every part of a website to be customised using blocks. This move eliminates the need for specialised coding knowledge, providing a new level of control over site appearance, directly from the WordPress admin panel.

Full Site Editing: The New Wave of WordPress Design and Development

LSX Design emphasises the power of Wordpress Core’s Full Site Editing, which is the latest evolution in WordPress, providing a more unified, flexible way of building and customising a website. With LSX Design’s focus on FullSiteEditing, users can control every part of their website, from the header to the footer, using blocks. This transformational approach gives developers, designers and agencies unparalleled creative freedom and functionality.

For this reason LightSpeed sought to develop their own Block theme.

LSX Design Block Theme

Built for Agencies, Developers & Designers. 

LSX Design offers an array of Blocks, Patterns, Templates & Styles, providing robust, versatile options for developers, designers, and agencies. This theme empowers users to create cohesive and stunning websites using the same structure and design language, fostering seamless collaboration.

LSX Design could easily be used for building agency websites, portfolios, business sites, and more. It’s easy to see developers using it as a starter for multiple projects given its minimal design. The theme includes 36 patterns for building everything from pricing tables to portfolios, calls-to-action, testimonials, a grid of team members, multitude of custom button styles, various heroes, feature boxes, and more. Many of them have dark and light variations.


LSX Design has flexible, well designed styles for all the WordPress blocks and templates. The WordPress block editor includes the essential elements needed to build website page layouts. Customise your website using the Site Editor block editor, which allows you to make global changes to block styles and apply those updates site wide.


LSX’s flexible full-page layouts for common pages such as home and contact, assist website builders in saving time while achieving a website design quickly. Choose from an array of full-page patterns to highlight content or communicate messages.


LSX is the ideal solution for those seeking rapid, efficient website launches, providing versatile templates suitable for WordPress websites and WooCommerce stores, catering to diverse design needs and preferences.


LSX masterfully blends design and functionality with valuable features such as hero and portfolio sections, striking call-to-action buttons, and client testimonials. Preconfigured block sets that amplify builder potential and inspire creativity.

Template Parts

LSX provides flexible, mobile-friendly header & footer design layouts, allowing you to customise with ease. Apply headers site-wide or on specific pages, and enable sticky headers for improved user-experience.

Global Variations

LSX provides users with a range of global style variations, enabling them to quickly personalise the visual appearance of their website, and provide greater control over the website design.

WooCommerce integration & customizations

Special attention has been given to WooCommerce integration, ensuring all templates, blocks, and functionalities work seamlessly within the theme. Custom styling improves block visualisations and resolves any issues within WooCommerce Blocks, based on past requests and best practices.

Design with Figma, Empowered by LSX Design

LSX offers a robust design system that includes reusable design components for WordPress and WooCommerce, encompassing typography, colour palettes, and layout structures.

By utilising our design system, you can simplify your website design process, establish consistency across your site, and facilitate a seamless handover to developers by ensuring design elements align with code. This approach will enhance the overall professionalism and cohesiveness of your website.

FREE Figma design system files

LightSpeed have pushed the boundaries by further extending the power and flexibility of Figma & Wordpress, by providing a LSX Design System which are all free for download under the Creative Commons licence. Easily design WordPress websites using this Figma library or design your website directly in the browser using the built in visual editor called the WordPress Site Editor.

Download Figma files:

Extend the power of LSX Design with dedicated Plugins. 

LSX Design is also compatible with powerful Block plugins developed specifically for the theme, including LSX Blocks and LSX Sharing. A variety of Styles & Patterns speed up the website development process, with elegant styles for all Wordpress Core blocks. Additionally, LSX Design offers extensive Woocommerce integration, ensuring templates, Blocks, and functionality work seamlessly within the theme.

Open Source and Collaborative: The LSX Design Ethos

LSX Design is open-source under the GPL licence, reinforcing LightSpeed’s commitment to community collaboration and innovation. The theme’s GitHub repository ( stands as a testament to this commitment, aiming to build a network that empowers their team, clients, and the broader WordPress & GitHub community.


LSX Design from LightSpeed brings a new era of WordPress website development with its revolutionary Full-Site Editing capabilities and comprehensive design system. With LSX Design, developers, designers, and agencies can harness the power of WordPress Blocks to create cohesive and visually stunning websites. The theme’s compatibility with WooCommerce and integration with dedicated plugins further enhances its capabilities. LightSpeed’s commitment to open-source collaboration and innovation is evident through the theme’s GPL license and GitHub repository. LSX Design is set to empower WordPress users to unlock their creative potential and take their websites to new heights.

For more information, please visit the official LSX Design website at or explore the LSX Design GitHub repository at


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