Ashley and the LightSpeed and Feedmymedia brands are so closely linked in our customers minds that they are pretty much synonymous. Facebook allows a great platform for discussion and interaction with our peers and customers, and as LightSpeed’s business strategy relies heavily on providing the best service and building real, meaningful relationships, Facebook forms the cornerstone of our social media strategy.

We have maintained a presence on Facebook over the years, but with recent changes to Facebook’s view on how brands should engage with customers on their platform and our own reevaluation of our Social Media Strategy, some change were in order.


Facebook: Groups and Pages

Facebook has been updating their Groups product and decided that it would be archiving old groups. Only selected groups are being given the option to upgrade to the new Facebook Group format and Facebook is urging brands to make the transition to Pages.

Now Pages has a few advantages over Groups for a company on Facebook:

  • It is a profile on it’s own and can be managed by more than one admin
  • Updates to the Page’s wall shows up in the Newsfeeds of it’s fans (this was not the case with groups)
  • Custom Tabs give you a lot of freedom to make your Page unique and work for you

Ultimately it’s better for LightSpeed to make the transition to a Facebook page, and we have. A unfortunate side effects is that we haven’t been able to convince enough Facebook Group members to make the transition to our new Facebook Page, and if they do not do so, we face the possibility of losing contact with these old members completely and will no longer be able to reach them with messages from our company.

This is bad for us, but maybe a opportunity to build our Facebook community form scratch, and this time getting the content aspects of it right.




Posting, Auto-posting, message content and Insights.

We have been using RSS Grafitti to auto-post our updates on our blog to our Facebook  Page.

This has resulted in sloppy updates on our FB page, updates that have no thumbnail and no well crafted excerpt to draw a reader into the blogposts. We have decided to do away with this function, and manually update our Facebook page. Now we can craft a message aimed at our Facebook fans, resulting in a more relaxed message with a better tone suited to the audience and aimed at engaging conversation.
In time we will manage these updates from Hootsuite as well, as we currently do our Twitter messages. We also use to shorten the links posted on Facebook and Twitter. provides a nice breakdown of the shortened link, showing us how many people have clicked on the link from either Twitter or Facebook. This is helping us learn more about the audiences on the respective social media platforms, and helping us determine what content fares well on which platform.

Using we have also been able to experiment with time postings, helping us to narrow down which times are the best to post updates to the individual social platforms.

Our blogposts are also posted as noted on Ashley’s personal profile. This has helped to create conversation around LightSpeed’s activities and provides a channel for Ashley to communicate personally with our stakeholders.

Facebook Page as a Internship tool

Internships are a big deal for LightSpeed, with most of us monkeys having started out as interns here in one form or another.

We like having the interns around, as the contribute to the youthful spirit of the company and as a constantly learning organization we often learn something new from them while teaching them our tricks of the trade.

Every year we have a few international interns come through the company, doing work for their schools and contributing to various internal projects aimed at improving our business. Examples include the building of our Project Blog (using the P2 theme), perhaps our most important internal communication tool and market research.




Ultimately Facebook is a powerful communication tool for us, and not one that any web savvy company that is serious about social interaction can do without.


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