Here at Lightspeed we’re firm believers that people are at their most productive when they’re in the most comfortable space, mentally and physically. It’s a no-brainer, really, that we all work from remote workspaces where we’re able to cater our work environments to our needs.
We do meet up once a week in the office in Woodstock for planning for the week ahead, and to touch base on the status of ongoing projects that require collaboration.
Curious about where we all work? We’ve collected photos from our employees to give you an idea of the level of homeliness / comfort / occasional disarray in the spaces we work in. We won’t pretend that some of us didn’t have to clean up before taking the photos…

Ashley Remote Workspaces
Barbara Remote Workspaces
Chris Remote Workspaces
Iggi Remote Workspaces
Warwick Remote Workspaces
Rafi (L) & Anton (R) Remote Workspaces
Rafi (L) & Anton (R)
Xola Remote Workspaces
The LightSpeed Team
L-R: Olga, Rafi, Xola, Warwick, Ashley, Barbara, Iggi, Anton