LightSpeed’s 11th Anniversary

February 2014 marks LightSpeed’s 11th anniversary. LightSpeed started out in 2003 as a computer and network support company and was reimagined as a specialist WordPress development studio in 2007. Let’s take a look at what LightSpeed has been up to in the last decade and a bit.

Our website

The LightSpeed website underwent a revamp almost every year. The reason being that we changed our services as time went by. The world of technology is one that evolves quickly and we needed to evolve with it.
The year 2007 marked our first blog post entry. It’s a very short post so you might want to look at our first proper post.


lightspeed's 11th anniversary

In 2009 LightSpeed was the VeloCITI Business Programme Winner. VeloCITI was aimed at ICT entrepreneurs who are prepared to re-assess their business model in order to position themselves for growth.
The year of 2011 marked another award. Ashley (owner of LightSpeed) won the Future 100 Platinum Award. The Future 100 is an inspirational programme that seeks to recognise and promote promising young entrepreneurs in the country.



lightspeed's 11th anniversary
lightspeed's 11th anniversary

More exciting things were in store for 2011 – LightSpeed hosted its first WordCamp. The conference delivered a bonanza of top-level industry insight, in-depth conference content and international business connection building. There were 20 speakers giving informative speeches, 32 sponsors and 220 attendees.
In 2012 LightSpeed hosted its second WordCamp with 330 attendees, 16 speakers and 31 Sponsors. Have a look at video highlights from WordCamp 2011 and WordCamp 2012 below.
In addition to hosting WordCamp, LightSpeed hosted its first Meetup in 2012. WordPress Meetups are opportunities for WordPress communities to come together and share their interest in WordPress, build relationships and learn from each other.

Our Team

lightspeed's 11th anniversary
lightspeed's 11th anniversary
lightspeed's 11th anniversary
lightspeed's 11th anniversary

Over the years, LightSpeed provided employment to many people. We’ve had foreign interns, local interns and full time employees. Check out our LinkedIn employee page.
Our team of 11 full-time employees comprises of Olga, our housekeeper and the one that makes everyone comfortable in the office. She has been with us since we opened our doors in 2003. Warwick, our senior developer who we’re proud to say has been with us for 7 years this past December. Chris, our guru Systems Administrator has been with us for 5 years. Barbara, handling accounts and other admin stuff joined mid 2010. Iggi, our Support and Training co-ordinator, is coming up for his 3rd year at LightSpeed, while Rafi, website designer by day, drummer by night, and our trusty developer Dom have been with us for close to 18 months. Monique, our project manager, Loise, our content strategist and writer and Elethu, our support and front-end developer all joined us in mid 2013 and have fitted right in. Finally, our newest team mate and content writer, Adrian, joined us in February this year – welcome Adrian! We also still work very closely with a former LightSpeeder, Iain, who now contracts to us as a developer on a regular basis.
Over the years LightSpeed has had the opportunity to welcome 22 foreign interns into our team. While most of our interns come from Holland, we’ve also had people from Germany and Norway. We have had two interns return for second internships. Our latest intern, Brigitte, from Holland and lucky enough to be here for the lovely Cape Town summer, is completing her Marketing degree.

We mustn’t forget the famous LightSpeed Felines. For as long as LightSpeed has been around there have been cats holding court and making themselves an important part of the office environment. They are so much a part of the furniture now that we even ask potential new employees in interviews if they’re allergic to cats! Our kitty team members bring lots of light relief and fun to our busy and focussed work space – they certainly qualify as LightSpeed VIPs!

Right Now

We are in the process of redeveloping our website again, in between working on a bunch of great projects for existing and brand new clients. The future holds another change of services for us. We will be selling travel website packages, content writing as a service and even analytics as a service later on. Therefore, we are in need of another facelift so that we can accommodate these amazing new prospects. Cheers to 11 years!