LightSpeed’s Services Packages


Towards the middle of 2017 LightSpeed was invited to join the Fiverr Pro network. Initially we were excited to be a part of this platform as it would allow us to reach a more global network of potential clients. The way Fiverr is structured required that we package our services into “gigs”, essentially service or product bundles, that seek to include everything you might need to fulfill a particular online need.

We’ve since made a decision to leave the Fiverr network, as it just wasn’t generating the kinds of leads we’d hoped for, however the idea of packaging our core services, and offering these in defined and tiered pricing structures, stuck with us.

Unpacking the boxes

Although things didn’t quite go according to plan with Fiverr it was still a very valuable exercise for us. It forced us to really apply our minds to exactly what we wanted to include or exclude in each package we wished to market. It enabled us to define and set limitations for each package and allowed us insight into how we can create additional value for our customers, while ensuring profitability for the company.

We’ve forged ahead and set up a range of packages, which we are now marketing directly from our own site. We wanted to find ways to streamline our process and a big part of this was to clearly define what our clients are getting within the various packages. The idea was to reduce time spent on time consuming estimates by creating a package template where we can be up front about pricing, project limitations and what’s included. Potential clients have immediate access to the package information and pricing, giving them a clear idea of the cost implications before they make an enquiry. To add value we’ve included a free SSL certificate, 3 months free hosting as well as a 1 year free subscription to our own software bundles in all of the packaged offerings.

One size fits most

We believe that our packages will be able to satisfy most of our clients requirements, however we are acutely aware of the need to be flexible and attuned to our client’s specific needs. So in the event that a potential client does not fit into the proverbial box, we’ll ensure that we can cut some windows, add an extra room, a door or even a roof to that box, so that it’s a perfect fit.

What’s inside the box?

WooCommerce Packages

We love WooCommerce so naturally we decided to focus on this and put our WooExpert status into action. We’ve created packages for WooCommerce Online Stores, WooCommerce Subscription Websites, WooCommerce Bookings Websites and WooCommerce Membership Websites.

Tour Operator Packages

LightSpeed has worked with the tourism and tour operator industry for a number of years now. We’ve packaged our experience, together with our Tour Operator plugin, to offer solutions for this.

WordPress Packages

Our WordPress packages seek to establish a business or personal website and market your online presence.

Hosting Packages

Our WordPress specific, managed, secure hosting solutions have been updated.  Our hosting caters specifically to WordPress websites, and is optimised for speed and security.

MailChimp Packages

Our MailChimp Training, Listing & Setup and Template Design packages are a perfect way to start reaping the rewards of MailChimp marketing.


It’s been an interesting and valuable experience for all the LightSpeed team members who participated in setting up and contributing to our packaged services. It has helped us to engage with each other on what we do, what we can do better and how we can pass this on to our clients. We look forward to adding more packages and refining this process in the future.