We’re pleased to announce that version 1.4.0 of our LSX theme is now live on WordPress.org – you can download it here. We’re proud that there are currently 200+ active installs of the theme, and there have been many more downloads over the past few months since it was launched on WordPress.org.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.26.21 PM

We’ll cover the major changes in this update below.


Before 1.4.0 the way we handled blog post blurbs was slightly misleading. Instead of […], the abbreviated post intro now ends with … and a link to “Continue reading”.

continue reading

The major addition in LSX 1.4.0 is the inclusion of support for WordPress Responsive Images, a change in the latest update to WordPress core. WordPress describes this update as follows:

WordPress automatically creates several sizes of each image uploaded to the media library. By including the available sizes of an image into a srcset attribute, browsers can now choose to download the most appropriate size and ignore the others—potentially saving bandwidth and speeding up page load times in the process.

We already had our own custom method of serving different image sizes based on screen size, but now that that code’s in the WP core we can simply call that code in and trim out our custom code in LSX, keeping the code as dry as possible.


Links in content weren’t being handled correctly, which has been fixed in LSX 1.4.0

If you were using a child theme of LSX 1.3.0, you may have noticed that post meta descriptions were not showing correctly on a custom homepage – this has been addressed and your child themes should be able to correctly display blog post metadata on your homepage.

If you use BuddyPress with LSX 1.4.0, you’ll be glad to know that archive layout support has been improved.

The mobile navigation menu was not working correctly in the orange colour scheme option, which it now is. Another nav-related fix is that the previous issue of the mobile menu showing up when no primary menu was assigned has been fixed.

As always, we’ve fixed some strings that were not translatable, and have cleaned up the CSS and JS for cleaner code and faster load times.


Because WP core now supports responsive image serving, we’ve removed our own custom code with the same function.

We’ve also removed the template “Page Hero” as the new changes to responsive images render it redundant, and we weren’t using it anyway.

Other changes

The template that was previously referred to as “Full Width Narrow” has now been renamed to “No Sidebar”, as this is a more accurate description for what the layout in that template looks like – like a regular blog post, sans sidebar.

Content-single.php has been renamed to content-post.php.

The Colour Scheme CSS files have been renamed with a “colour-scheme-prefix”.

Sound off in the comments below if there are any changes you’d like to see in upcoming versions. We’re always looking to improve LSX and provide our users with a rich set of tools with a light codebase.