We’re so excited to announce the launch of the LSX Tour Operator software for WordPress and the LSX Theme which has been a main focus for the LightSpeed team this past year . We built it with many of our own clients in mind, who operate in the tourism industry. The plugin itself was built from solutions we initially pioneered  for our clients Southern Destinations and African Safari Consultants.

Check the demo site to see the plugin in action Demo

Benefits of the LSX Tour Operator Plugin

LSX Tour Operator adds additional functionality that typical Tour Operator websites would need to sell tour, accommodation and safari  products and services. 

It integrates and syncs with the Wetu Tour Operator database, bringing more  features into your WordPress website, like digital itineraries, destinations, accommodations, vehicle types, travel styles and more.

The main features of the plugin are powered by a set of  custom post types, namely Accommodations, Destinations and Tours. Each of these post types (there are  more which are subsidiary, but add value to the 3 primary post types) allow you to upload specific content that relates to other post types.

For example, an accommodation is located in a destination, but is also present in the planned itinerary for a tour that travels through the same, as well as other other destinations. Interlinking content in this way is useful to the reader or potential customer, but also ensures good internal linking structure throughout the website, which is a good SEO practice.

In terms of theming, a developer can build complex templates that aggregate tours for a particular destination or regions. The plugin comes with a few useful templates, but there are a myriad others that are possible, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a fantastic solution to be customised to your particular requirements.

Wetu importer

If your accommodation is listed with  Wetu, then you’re already fully aware of the many benefits Wetu offers, it  keeps all your content up to date and in one place, and presents your services with rich visual content presented in a experience.

But, wouldn’t it be great if you could import all your content, as well as content from other suppliers into an interface that belongs to you entirely and can be customised to present yourself however you please?

For this purpose we built the Wetu importer,another plugin we built specifically for the tourism industry. By integrating with the Wetu database it pulls through all your listed accommodations and populates them in our “Accommodations” post type from the LSX Tour operator plugin. This expedites what can otherwise be a very monotonous process, and removes the human element of error, such as assigning the wrong image to the wrong accommodation, or the wrong title.

LSX Tour Operators and the Wetu Importer were made for each other. Using them in unison cuts down the time required for a site dramatically, saving you time and money.