LSX: Version 1.3.0 Released

LSX: Version 1.3.0 Released

LightSpeed is proud to announce that LSX, our WordPress theme, is now updated to version 1.3.0 and is available on GitHub and WordPress. Read on to learn about the new features and improvements that you’ll find in this update.

Post formats

We’ve added in UI support for various post formats, using icons and other style factors to clarify whether a post is audio, video, image, link, quote, aside (like a post excerpt) or standard.

Post format support with a whole new look
Post format support with a whole new look

Blog template styling

We’ve taken a leaf out of Automattic’s book in their approach to blog themes and layout, having reworked the frontend layout for single, archive and author templates, keeping new customizer options in mind all the while, such as including a sidebar or having a full-width page.

A fresh new layout for the blog
A fresh new layout for the blog

Colour scheme updates

We’ve updated the colour scheme stylesheets to ensure that all elements of LSX sites are visually consistent and as attractive as possible.

New customizer options

We’ve added in an option into the customizer for a fixed header, which causes the primary nav bar and site logo to be fixed to the top of the page while the user scrolls further down a page.

The new fixed header also has a resize-on-scroll feature to keep the header from taking up too much space while fixed.

New Layout
Layout Options

Translation encapsulation

Some strings were missing translation encapsulation and this has now been addressed – sites built with LSX will now have all their content translated correctly.

BuddyPress support

BuddyPress is a service that allows you to create a social platform that operates off your WordPress site, with features like member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and much more. LSX 1.3.0 now includes support for BuddyPress pages (Currently restricted to single column layouts, with improvements and further styling planned for future releases)

Under the hood

We have further trimmed unnecessary bloat in our Javascript and CSS, ensuring optimal page-load times and the best possible user experience for sites built with LSX.

We’ve improved the responsive CSS of all of our templates and renamed all our scripts with a new LSX standard, prefixing the strings with lsx for intuitive understanding of developers.

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