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WordPress Extended Blocks

LSX Blocks has branched out the capabilities of standard WordPress core blocks
giving you even more flexibility and freedom on your page designs.

Button Block

Buttons help to link to internal or external pages. LSX extends buttons styles to offer fill or outline styles with hover & shadow colour options and modal support.

Column Block

Columns allow flexibility with your content. LSX extends the spacing options on the Columns Block allowing more flexibility with column content.

Cover Block

Covers allows you to add a hero image to your content. LSX extends the alignment & spacing options giving more freedom when adding content to a Cover Block.

Group Block

Group blocks that you use together frequently to make it quicker to build beautiful webpages. LSX extends spacing & alignment options on the Group Block, allowing more robust content options.

Heading Block

Easily change heading font size and colours with this block. Margin options where added to the Heading Block enabling greater spacing and display solutions for headings.

Image Block

Picture is worth a thousand words, add images to your posts and pages. LSX extends the spacing options available on the Image Block, giving users more freedom with their website images.

LSX Blocks

Our own extra custom coded blocks to help bring in even
more options to the standard block editor experience.

Accordion Block

Add an accordion text toggle with a title and descriptive text. Includes options to change the font size and toggle.


Testimonial Block

A block for the LSX testimonials extension. Add a carousel displaying your selected testimonials and review.


Team Member Block

A block for the LSX team extension. Displays your team members in a post carousel with display options.


Container Block

A card is a versatile block that can be used to display whatever content you’d like inside a card container, making it stand out from the normal content.


Post Grid Block

The Post Grid block gives you quick access to a beautiful post grid and post list with multiple options that can be added to any post or page on your site.


Post Grid Carousel Block

Post Grid Carousel Block which displays an attractive full-width post slider that is fully customisable and responsive on mobile & desktop.


The LSX theme supports all the latest core WordPress blocks.

Combine this with the custom LSX Blocks and you have a theme that is light-weight, responsive and really versatile.

From WooCommerce to porfolio sites we’ve got you covered.

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