LSX Call-to-Action Block

The LSX CTA Block is great for displaying a normal or full-width call-to-action section with a background image or colour.

Adding a Call-to-Action block to your page

  • Select the Plus sign for adding a new block and search for “LSX CTA Block”.
  • Once selected, the CTA block will be populated in the selected block space.
  • Add your content to the CTA block.

Configuring the block

  • On the right hand side of your edit screen you have your block toolbar. Once the block is selected, you can configure the LSX CTA Block settings.

Title – Add a title for the CTA Block.

Subtitle – Add a subtitle to the CTA block.

Button – Add the button text for the button.

Button Link – You can then add the button link in the URL field below. If you wish to search for a page or post on your site to link to, simply begin typing the name of the page and select it from the autocomplete dropdown provided.

Title Font Size – Adjust the font size for the CTA Block.

Text Colour – Changes the colour of the card title, subtitle and content.

Background Image – Select a background image for the CTA Block.

Image Opacity – Add opacity to the background image.

Background Colour – Change the background colour of the card.

Button Options – Here you can change the look and feel of the button on the CTA block.

Block Options – Here you can change the padding and margin spacing for the CTA Block.

Need help with a different LSX Block?

Need help with a different LSX Block? Find the walkthrough you are looking for from our block documentation homepage.