LSX Post Grid Block

The LSX Post Grid displays your posts in a grid or a list format. You can filter display by category, and choose how many posts you wish to display.

To change to list format, select the block and choose ”List View”.

Adding a Post Grid Block to your page

  • Select the Plus sign for adding a new block and search for “LSX Post Block”.
  • Once selected, the post block will be populated in the selected block space.
  • On the right hand side of your edit screen you have your block toolbar. Once the block is selected, you can configure the block settings.

Configuring the block

Order By – Select the ordering system to display posts with

Category – To filter the posts by a specific post category, choose the category from the dropdown.

Number of items – Select the number of posts to display in the post carousel.

Columns – Select the number of columns to display in a single slide carousel.

Display Featured Image – Removes the thumbnail featured image per post if toggled off.

Featured Image style – if you are displaying the featured images, you can choose to display landscape or square.

Display Post Author – Removes the Post Author per post if toggled off.

Display Post Date – Removes the Post Date per post if toggled off.

Display Post Excerpt – Removes the Post Excerpt per post if toggled off.

Display Continue Reading Link – Removes the Continue Reading Link per post if toggled off.

Customize Read More Link – Change the text for the read more link if it is enabled.

Need help with a different LSX Block?

Need help with a different LSX Block? Find the walkthrough you are looking for from our block documentation homepage.