LSX Projects

LSX Projects extension will allow you to display your projects in a feature-rich carousel or grid display.

What’s required?

  1. The LSX Theme 
  2. The LSX Project Extension


To download the LSX Project Extension, follow the steps below:

You can also download and install the Projects extension directly from the backend of your website.

  • Login to the backend of your website.
  • Navigate to the “Plugins” dashboard item.
  • Select “Add New” when on the plugins page.
  • Search for “LSX Projects” in the plugin search bar.
  • Download and activate the plugin.

Display Settings

To configure the display settings, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Display > Projects:

  • Display Single Posts – Check this option if you only want an archive Projects page.
  • Placeholder – This sets a placeholder featured image for all of your projects. The placeholder will be overridden if an image is added to a single project.
  • Contact Modal – On a single project page there is a button option for the user to contact you as the site owner. This opens in a modal when the user clicks the button. Enable the contact Modal and setup with your Caldera Forms ID and the label for the button.

Adding a New Project

To add a new project, go to Projects > Add New:

  • You will land on a new block editor or classic editor page (depending on if you have upgraded to Wordpress 5.0).
  • Enter the title and body content for your project.
  • In the right sidebar, add a featured image for your project.

Below are custom project details that personalise your project:

Featured – This makes this one of your featured projects, which means it gets priority display in archives and widgets.

Client – The name of the client you did the project for.

Client logo – The clients logo.

URL for the finished project – If there is a website link, or if the project was online then link to it here.

The next fields are only available if you have the related extensions/plugins active:

Testimonials related to this project – Shows related testimonials on the project (requires LSX testimonials)

Team members involved with this project – Shows related team members on the project (requires LSX Team)

Products used for this project – Shows products used for this project (requires Woocommerce plugin)

Adding a Projects Shortcode to your page

Using the block editor, add a new Shortcode block and enter the Projects Shortcode to the Shortcode block something like this:

The LSX Project Shortcode works by automatically building a shortcode for you. Add the display options to the shortcode, then display your project showcase will display! Let’s go through the options available:

Title – Choose a title to display above your project.

Title – Choose a subtitle to display above your project and under the main title.

Columns – Select the number of columns to display the project in.

Display Limit – Select a maximum amount of Project to display (leave blank to select all).

Display Excerpt – Choose whether or not to display the excerpt per project.

Specify Projects by ID – Choose a list of specific project by specifying them by post ID

Order By – Order your project in the following ways

  1. Post ID
  2. Name
  3. Date Created
  4. Date Modified
  5. Random
  6. Project Menu (the order of your list of project in the menu

Carousel – Choose whether you wish for your posts to display in a static grid or in a carousel slider format.

Show Featured Image – Choose whether to display your project images or not.

Need help with the LSX Theme?

Need help with LSX Theme? Find the walkthrough you are looking for from our theme documentation homepage.