The Exercise post type must be enabled in the LSX Health Settings. Go to Plans > Settings, click the General tab. Check the box labeled Enabling the exercise post type will automatically replace the Video post type.

Enabling the Exercise post type will disable the videos functionality as videos can be added to single Exercise post.

Add an exercise

  1. From the WordPress dashboard go to Workouts > Exercises > Add New.
  2. Add a Title and Description.
  3. Add a Featured image that will display on the exercise archive and Workouts. The Featured image will not display on the single Exercise post if you have added a gallery or video to the Exercise.
  4. Set the following categories:
    • Exercise Type
    • Equipment
    • Muscle Groups
  5. Under the Details tab you can add a Right or Left suffix to the Exercise title.
  6. Now proceed to configure an Exercise Gallery, connect Related Tips, Team Members and Articles. See the sections below for further instructions.
  7. If you are using WooCommerce Memberships to sell your Plans, then you can restrict access to the Exercise in the Memberships tab, by selecting the membership that this exercise relates to.

Exercise Gallery

  • Layout – Slider or Grid.
  • Grid Columns – if you have chosen the grid layout then you can control how many columns will display.
  • Gallery Sections – click Add Item to add a Gallery item.
    • You can add a file from your media library or upload from your computer. You can also embed a video link here.
    • Click Add Item again to add more items. You can reorder each Gallery item with the up and down arrows.
    • Click Remove Item to remove a gallery item.

Related Tips

You can connect Tips to the Exercise.

To add a Tip – start typing the name of the Tip you want to connect and then choose from the dropdown.

Related Team Member

You can connect a trainer or dietician to the Exercise in the Related Team Member section. You will need the LSX Team extension for this functionality to work. Follow the instructions to add your Team Members, then come back here and connect them to the Plan.

To add a Team Member – Start typing the name of the Team Member you want to connect and then choose from the dropdown.

Related Articles

Lastly you can add related articles to your Exercise.

To add an Article – Start typing the name of the Article you want to connect and then choose from the dropdown.

LSX Search

Use LSX Search extension to view Exercises in a searchable archive, with a filters sidebar for refining your search results. The filters requires the FacetWP plugin.