Getting Started with LSX Health

Important Notice – LSX Health will only work with our LSX Theme.

Getting Started with LSX Health

Now that you have installed the plugin let’s go through some basics to get you started.

The following plugins are fully compatible with LSX Health, and some are required for certain functionality, e.g. WooCommerce provides account dashboard, and allows you to monetise your health plan.

  • WooCommerce (optional) – provides the account dashboard functionality.
  • WooCommerce Memberships (optional) – restricts content, link to a WooCommerce product to sell your health plan memberships.
  • Download Monitor (optional) – restricts access to any downloadable files that you might want your users to reference.
  • CMB2 (required) – is a developer’s toolkit for building metaboxes, custom fields, and forms. At this time this plugin is required, but the code is being included in the next release of LSX Health.

The plugin centres around day by day health plans that are made up of all of the below content types:

  • Plans – group together Workouts, Meal Plans or Recipes or a combination thereof.
    • Workouts – add sets of exercises to create an exercise plan.
    • Meals – create an eating plan, comprising breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with the option of adding snacks and tips.
    • Recipes – add recipes that can be linked to the Meals.
    • Exercises – add single exercises with a galley of images or an instructional video or giphy. Connect these to a workout to create an exercise plan.
    • Videos – add instructional videos to show users how to complete an exercise.

It is possible using shortcodes to display workouts, exercises, and meals without connecting them to a plan.

It also uses content stored as normal WordPress pages as follows:

  • Warm Up – add a warm up routine to a normal WordPress using shortcodes.
  • Shopping Lists – add a table of pantry staples, or a weekly shopping list for users to prepare for the weekly meals or recipes.

And finally, if using the Download Monitor, you can add downloadable content to your plans for users to reference without needing to access the website.

The following articles will help you setup Plans, Workouts and Meals, and also provide step by step instructions for adding Meals content, Recipes, Exercises, Tips and Videos.

We also include documentation for using any third party software that we recommended above. Let’s get started with adding a Plan.

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