From the WordPress Dashboard’s menu, click on Recipes to see the directory, then click the Add New button at the top. Or hover over Recipes to show the sub-menu items and click Add New. Populate the available fields with your recipe content.

The Title

Set a title for the recipe. Use a descriptive title that makes it easy to connect to a Day Plan.

The Content

Enter the ingredients and cooking method into the content editor using a WYSIWYG style text editor. Headings, paragraph text, lists and all manner of formatting options are fully supported. You can describe your recipes however you see fit, including images.

Featured Image

Just like setting a featured image for a normal WordPress post, the recipe image is displayed alongside the rest of its content.

Recipe Details

Complete 5 very simple text fields with details that are customarily associated with a food recipe.

  • Prep Time: Add the preparation time for the entire meal i.e: 25 mins
  • Cooking Time: Add the cooking time i.e: 15 mins
  • Serves: Add the recommended serving size i.e: 6
  • Portion: Add the recommended portion size i.e: 200mg

Featured Checkbox

Enable the checkbox to feature this recipe, featured recipes display on any page that has the recipe shortcode.


Connect the recipe to the day plan it applies to, which should exist before you are able to connect it. Search for it by typing into the field provided, matching recipes will start to show in a drop-down style selector. 

Recipes can be connected to multiple day plans. If your grandmother’s pie recipe is really as good as claimed, you can reuse it on day 1 and 15 of the program, you could make the title Day 1 & 15, making sure to connect this meal plan to day 1 and 15.

Shopping list

Connect the shopping list that applies to the meal plan. The shopping list should exist before you are able to connect it. If you haven’t created it yet, you can come back later once that’s done. See the section about shopping lists for important advice about shopping lists.

To connect a shopping list, search for it by typing the shopping list title into the field provided, matching shopping lists will start to show in a drop-down style selector.