LSX Health

LSX Health

Create health plans on your website.
Sell access to workout & meal plans.


  • Weekly planner
  • Workouts
  • Meal Plans
  • Recipes
  • Excercise Plans
  • Warm ups
  • Shopping lists
  • Daily tips
  • Load exercises as images, videos or giphys
  • Connect multiple plans
  • Connect downloads and
  • Drip feed content
  • Sell with WooCommerce

Technical Info

Version: 2.0 | Released: 19-10-2020
Min PHP Version: 7.0 or higher
Requires: WordPress 5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: WordPress 5.5.1 or higher
Supported multi-lang plugins: Loco Translate, WPML
Support to: WooCommerce, LSX
Supported themes: LSX Theme

Group your exercises into workouts

Create a workout that can be linked to a plan or added using a shortcode. Workouts comprise of exercises that are grouped by set, displayed in a grid or list. How to videos or illustrations can be added, which open in a new page, or a modal (so you don’t have to leave the page you are on).

Remember your warm up!

You can also connect a warm up to your workout for a complete online training experience.

Daily meal planner with connected recipes and tips

Showcase a meal plan or create a recipe archive for a particular dietary plan. Nutritional and cooking instructions are added in custom fields.

Recipes can be linked to a meal plan to display with either breakfast, lunch or supper.

User dashboard with easy to follow steps

User dashboard features personal information, with your own profile picture. User can change password, username and biographical info via the frontend.

Plan progress is displayed on the dashboard as a % complete progress bar.



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Creates awesome health & fitness plan websites.
Sell plans with WooCommerce.

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