One of the essential ingredients in any tour is the accommodations that are stayed at along the way. Attach image galleries to each accomodation, Google Maps markers, assign a team member as an expert for each Accommodation, Choose an accommodation style, and much more.

Demo Pages

Accommodation Landing Page

Showcase all off your available accommodations. Import directly from


Showcase individual accommodation listings. Import directly from

Core Features

Import accommodation info

If the accommodation you utalise is listed on you can import their content directly to your site

Accommodation summary

Fast facts for things like location, accommodation type, rooms, pricing, and languages

Display facilities

Let your guests know exactly what to expect

Display room information

Give your guests a basic overview of the rooms on offer

Add galleries and videos

Add some beautiful imagery to each accommodation listing. This can be imported from

Related accommodations

Connect your content and offer visitors related options

Connect your client reviews

increase trust in your brand and services by proudly displaying your customer feedback

Connect your blog content

Interlink your blog content related to each destination, region or tour

Connect accommodation
to special offers

Running a special? display this on the related accommodation page

Need more info on Accomodations?
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