LSX Videos

The videos post type allows you to store all of your videos, categorise them, and display them using the core LSX display options.


  • Video post type
  • Display title, description, excerpt and featured image.
  • Video posts display metadata for length, category and date published.
  • Add the video uploader’s details
  • Display videos from your WordPress media gallery.
  • Play in a lightbox or on a single page
  • Restrict content with WooCommerce Memberships plugin
  • Customise search results
  • Customise search filters
  • Supports YouTube and Giphy URLs.



Huisgenoot Geen Gim

Health & Fitness, WooCommerce

Walk Yourself Fit with FAIRLADY

Health & Fitness, WooCommerce

Slanker met SARIE

Health & Fitness, WooCommerce


Health & Fitness, WooCommerce

SARIE Draf dit af

Health & Fitness, WooCommerce

Gesonder met SARIE

Health & Fitness, WooCommerce

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