The Company

African Safaris Ltd is a specialist travel agency that focuses on providing safaris and tours to Africa. The company has been built up over the past 20 years as the demand and interest for safaris to Africa has increased. We are an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and committed team, who have have more than 30 years combined experience of living and working in Africa.

The Website

What an awesome showcase for the LSX Tour Operator extension! We loved building this site as it has heaps of amazing content and a great “personality” which the team resonated with from the get go. The customisations were specific and targeted directly to the clients spec with a lot of work being done to pull in specific information from Wetu via The Wetu Importer. The itineraries, destinations, pricing and travel styles are all managed in the clients Wetu account, and then imported and sync’d directly to the website ensuring that these 2 resources are always up to date with each other. The LSX theme handled the front end styling and armed with a treasure trove of amazing photographs, produced an awesome end result for our client



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