The Company

Runner’s World is South Africa’s top selling running magazine which provides advice in a number of health and fitness categories designed for runners.
Run It Off is a sub-division of Runner’s World. Run It Off is an online subscription based  12-Week diet plan designed by training professionals and renowned dieticians with a focus on improving the overall health and fitness of any running enthusiast.

The Challenge

Run It Off needed a website that allowed subscribers to access their Exercise Plan, view their progress & follow a set of daily workout & diet related instructions.
Plans were already underway to duplicate a website bellowing to the brother company of Runner’s World – Men’s Health.
The Men’s Health website known as Belly Off follows the subscription based “12-Week fitness programme” format as the Run It Off website needed. The website was also to be created on a Wordpress platform, which meant starting from scratch as the Belly Off duplicate is not a Wordpress website.
We concluded that a duplicate of the “Mens Health – Belly Off” site would be created using Wordpress, and designed using a custom theme and the functionality of a range of plugins.

The Solution


A custom theme was developed which allowed the website to have the same functionality as the Belly Off website. The theme was designed to make content and colour configuration a quick and simple process, while still following the layout of the Belly Off site.
For the paid subscription functionality we integrated the Woocommerce plugin and added the ability for credit card payments with the use of the Peach Payments online processor.
Our use of Woocommerce was quite unique as the website was not a online store, but did require the ability for users to subscribe to the website and pay for the subscription on the actual website using a third party processor. We configured Woocommerce purely for its online payment solution and made the only available product the actual subscription to the website.
We integrated Peach Payments with Woocommerce to allow for easy and safe credit card transactions for when paying for subscriptions.


The customer supplied their own content which was then added along with custom icons. Icon & content fields were developed as part of the custom theme to match the layout of the Belly Off website. The theme simplified the process of adding content, making it possible for non-developers to easily change it if desired.


The approved design was implemented by the designers here at LightSpeed using a mixture of custom developed colour options housed in the theme, the WordPress customizer, and a touch of CSS.

The Homepage



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