Matt Mullenweg to visit Cape Town

Matt Mullenweg to visit Cape Town

All 50 spots for the Meetup with Matt Mullenweg this evening have been filled. It only took a few short hours, but that was to be expected, especially from a community that support WordPress so avidly! Thanks Cape Town WordPressers, you don’t ever dissappoint!
Those who responded to the form were informed yesterday.

Thank you very much to Sinn’s restaurant for accomodating us on such short notice.


We’ve been allocated a designated area, Sinns staff will be ready to get you seated as soon as you arrive. As a courtesy to them, please consider ordering something to eat and drink. There’s a full menu available or snacks from the bar if you prefer. Due to the size of the booking, a 10% service charge will be added to your bill. We don’t get together often enough and it’s about time we did, so lets make an evening of it.

Meetup with Matt

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I’ts possible that some of you saw the words Mullenweg, Meetup, Cape Town, then fell over your chair while furiously filling in a form not noticing the actual details. Here’s a reminder: the Meetup is tonight, Tuesday, March 26 at Sinns, Wembley Square, Gardens from 17:30 onwards. You might remember the place from the WordPress Meetup we held last year. This event will be similar, but different, you will be able to chat to the guy who gave us WordPress! Let’s show Matt what the local WordPress scene is all about, we might never get a chance like this again. Unless Matt falls in love with the place, that has been known to happen in Cape Town.

So, what kind of questions would you like to ask?

If you’re up to date with the latest in WordPress, then you know that version 3.6 is on the horizon. From the WordPress Make Blog, here are a few updates about what’s currently in production that might help you pose the really good questions.

  • Post formats (images, videos, galleries, links) to become a standard feature
  • HTML5 improvements to the comment list, comment form and the search form
  • Solidify footer positioning when no JavaScript or no Masonry script is available
  • Autosave and post locking
  • More changes to Menus
  • More visual fixes to the gallery
  • Post revisions
  • Twenty Thirteen theme release
  • MP6, “top secret plugin to break the wp-admin UI, not recommended for non-savvy users.” Read what Matt Mullenweg has to say about here, and another Matt here.

We’d love to hear what WordPress questions are burning at the back of your mind. Your comments might just spark an idea that becomes the million dollar question this evening, and we would like to show Matt that the Cape Town WordPress crowd means business.

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