The Future is Mobile – Are you?

Mobile internet access is growing at a staggering pace. In this changing technological environment it has become ever more prudent to have your WordPress powered business website mobile compatible in order to reach this expanding market of web savvy South Africans.

As reported in The Sunday Times this past Sunday, the sale of smartphones has just surpassed the sale of PCs for the first time. This was not expected to happen until 2012.

A recent study by Arthur Goldstuck’s World Wide Worx, the Mobility 2011 research project, reveals even more interesting facts. The project’s findings are that 39% of urban South Africans and 27% of rural users are now browsing the Internet on their phones. The study excludes “deep rural” users, and represents around 20-million South Africans aged 16 and above. This means that at least 6-million South Africans now have Internet access on their phones.

This is a bit of a jump from Internet World Stats 2009 statsistics that showed total (not just Mobile) South Africans with internet access to be at 5.3 million.

Internet usage stats
Increasingly, smartphones and mobile technologies such as tablet PCs are the first point of entry for many into the online world. Right now – and set to increase over the next couple of years –  people who have never had any contact with the internet are making their first contact through the use of mobile telephones. When taking into account that greater competition in the mobile handset market, specifically the market for smartphones, will be driving prices down for these devices, not having a web presence that is mobile device compatible seems like a big strategic over sight.

Really, in the past it has been said that if you don’t have a web presence, your business will lose out. This remains true, but now this has also shifted:

Having a web presence is good, but having a mobile compatible web presence is better.


At LightSpeed we use the impressive plugin, WPtouch to make our websites mobile compatible. WP Touch works by detecting supported devices like iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberry and more, serving its optimized theme instead of your regular desktop theme. Visitors can always switch back to your desktop theme if they choose.

Recent clients have included Shape magazine, Mom2Mom and Runner’s World.

Shape magazine is one of our South African magazines with an excellent web savvy. Measured against other South African magazines shows Shape to rank #6 for media presence on Facebook and #20 on Twitter according to my estimated cross reference with the figures posted by Media Slut in their recent blog.

Shape magazine knows what it’s doing on the web, and at LightSpeed we know how to enable our clients to make the most of their online business strategy. Contact us for further information on a mobile compatible website for your business and take advantage of the mobile future.