PayU: WooCommerce Payment Gateway for Small, Medium and Large Companies

PayU’s Woocommerce compatible payment gateway starts off by supporting recurring billing, so if this is a necessity for you, this is a option you should consider using. Compare it to others which also have this functionality such as Payfast and Peach Payments.

Supported by all the major banks they offer payment solutions in the form of 3 separate bundles:

  1. PayU Easy – Simplest option, with no merchant account required and best suited to small businesses
  2. PayU Plus – Aimed at businesses looking to expand and grow their online business, offering a secure platform for high volume transactions through multiple payment methods.
  3. PayU enterprise – Users can choose from the full range of the PayU services and customise the payment gateway to their requirements

Recurring billing is supported on the PayU Plus and Enterprise packages, so be sure to go for one of these packages if this is a requirement for your sales.


PayU Easy

The PayU Easy bundle is an offering for small businesses looking to start receiving payments online. No merchant account is needed as funds are received into the PayU merchant account and then transferred to the account of your choice at regular intervals.

Payments from all local and international cheque and credit cards are accepted, as well as payments via EFT and PayU Wallet.

PayU Plus

The PayU Plus bundle aimed at businesses who want to receive and offer multiple payment options and handle high volume transactions.  A merchant account with ABSA is required for this option. As with the PayU Easy bundle local and international credit/cheque card, EFT and PayU wallet payments are supported. Loyalty rewards, like eBucks and Discovery can also be accepted as a method of payment. Recurring billing is supported with PayU Plus, allowing you and your customers to set up repeat payments.

PayU Enterprise

PayU Enterprise gives you total control and allows users to customize the gateway by choosing the products they need. Trusted by many established South African companies, PayU Enterprise offers tailor made solutions. With more than 15 methods of receiving payments, advanced security options, precision reporting and direct API integration, PayU enterprise offers you all the features of the Easy and Plus packages and more.


Recurring Billing

Recurring billing is supported on the PayU plus and Enterprise packages. Choose the frequency of payments, discounts and duration of the automatic payment collection. This can be managed by the user and by the merchant via the PayU merchant portal.

Loyalty Rewards Payments

PayU Plus and PayU Enterprise allow you to receive payments from Loyalty rewards programmes like eBucks and Discovery Miles. Merchant accounts will need to be set up with eBucks and Discovery before you can offer this as a payment method and PayU will assist in setting this up.

PayU Wallet

Only available to South African residents and holders of a South African mobile number. Customers can sign up on their mobile phones, store their card details and use this option at checkout. Your stored card details are totally secure and users will speed through checkout without having to punch in any card details

PayU Smart EFT

PayU Smart EFT allows for instant EFT payments. Customers select their bank from the available options, sign in using their online banking username and password, and confirm the transaction. The merchant receives instant notification and there is no need for waiting periods while funds are cleared or for proof of payment to be sent.

Mobile Payments

PayU payment pages are fully responsive and supported on all browsers

Single-click Payments

PayU Express allows users to store card details at checkout for future use, simplifying and speeding up their future online purchases. Merchants can increase sales by adding this feature to their bundle as an optional extra.

Supported Plugin Functionality

  1. VisaCheck Out
  2. Master Pass
  3. PayPal

Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout allows Visa card users to store their card and shipping details and use this function at check-out to initiate payments without having to fill in card details.

Master Pass

MasterCard customers can use this function to store card and shipping information, and select at check-out to avoid filling in card and delivery details.


Local and international payments can be received via PayPal. Only PayU Plus and PayU Enterprise support PayPal. Please check with your particular bank as additional rates may be payable and fees will be charged to withdraw funds from your PayPal account.


Monthly Fee

  • PayU Easy – R99.00 per month – waived if monthly transaction fee or commission exceeds R99.00, no setup fee.
  • PayU Plus – R437.75 per month, R250.00 setup fee.
  • PayU Enterprise – R437.75 per month, R250.00 setup fee.

Transactional Fee

  • PayU Easy – R2.00 per successful card transaction
  • PayU Plus – R1.25 per successful card transaction.
  • PayU Enterprise – R1.25 per successful card transaction.
  • EFT Pro – R2.00 per transaction
  • EFT Smart – R2.00 per transaction

Supported Countries

Receive international payments from any VISA , MasterCard, American Express and Dinersclub credit/cheque card holders.

Supported Currencies, Banks & Payment Methods


PayU supports payments from:

  1. ABSA
  2. FNB
  3. Nedbank
  4. Standard Bank
  5. Capitec
  6. Investec


International payments are accepted from any country if done via credit or cheque card. Payments can be made in any currency but will only be settled in ZAR.

Payment methods

Credit and Cheque cards – receive payment via traditional credit and cheque card transactions

EFT – receive EFT payments directly into your merchant account by making use of either EFT Pro or EFT Smart

Loyalty Reward Payments – Become an eBucks or Discovery Miles merchant and PayU will enable your customers to pay using their loyalty points and rewards.

PayPal – Receive payments and transfers from PayPal


There are no limit on transactions.


Sandbox Testing

PayU has a dedicated sandbox environment where developers can test configuration and integrations. Test credentials are available and once you are happy with the results of your testing you can input the production credentials and start selling online.


There is a useful live demo of the various payment options which can be viewed here, which gives insight into usability at checkout. You can access test credentials on the demo home page, select products, input test credentials and proceed through checkout to get a sense of functionality for some of the options. Not all options are supported on the demo and these will have to be tested in the Sandbox environment if required.

Relevant information for this post was not always easy to come by. Sure, the website has some nice pictures but it falls short when it comes to clearly defining each package, displaying pricing options and having all the information easily accessible. This is obviously only relevant to the author’s own online quest for information, but when dealing with PayU directly, all requests were handled promptly and professionally.

Additional Options

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