The Company

Fairlady is a Media24 magazine.  They approached LightSpeed to build payment a gateway website for readers to sign up to a 12 week weight loss and exercise programme called 12 Weeks to Sleek with Fairlady, which is based on the 12 week health plan website that we developed for Women’s Health called Shedding for the Wedding.

The Challenge

We needed to build a plugin that displayed the meal and exercise plans in a chronological order that the reader could work through logically, and mark days complete as they progress.  All the content needed to be restricted by a login, after the reader has purchased the plan membership.

The workouts and meal plans are also available for download in the members area.

The Solution

The LSX Health Plan plugin, was developed specifically for this client, and allows the meal plans and workouts to be displayed in a logical order for the reader to follow.  We created two post types (recipes and workouts) that can be added to the Day Plan.  Additionally the plan can be structured per day or per week, which allows shorter duration health programmes to be used with the software.

Instructional videos / gifs are used to provide details on how to execute the exercises.  We used LSX Videos to add this functionality.

The plan is sold on the website using WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Memberships plugin.

The My Accounts section allows the user to edit their profile, and also take the fitness test to help inform where to start on the plan.

The following plugins were used to build this website – LSX Banners, LSX Customiser, LSX Testimonials, LSX Sharing




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