ACS Payments

Altech Card Solutions (ACS), is  a leading player in the secure electronic transactions market. We developed the WooCommerce extension that allows customers to pay online with a credit card, the payment is then processed by ACS. At current the extension supports simple payments only. It’s also possible for a shop administrator to initiate refunds from the order in WooCommerce, they do not need to login into the ACS admin panel. On the frontend the user is able to save and store a card for future transactions. The full credit card details are kept securely on ACS servers, which means the software is fully PCI compliant. The extension uses a REST API to send requests and receive responses.

Izak Van Heerden
Role & Company: Development Manager

We approached LightSpeed because we needed a WooCommerce plugin to integrate our clients into the PayOn payments platform. From the outset LightSpeed made our selection of a development company easy with their friendliness and assistance with requirements gathering. The result was a plugin that was stable, robust, fast and did not cost us an arm and a leg.

One thing I liked was their agile approach to development which I’m sure led to a better product delivered. Overall I found the experience to be fast, efficient and cost effective. Would do business with them again any day.

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