The Company

With over a decade of experience behind it, has established itself as one of the leading on-line villa providers in Cape Town. They specialise in sourcing luxurious villas in the most sought-after areas. Their villas are carefully selected and many are located in private residential areas where there are no hotels, and all are chosen with their guests’ satisfaction in mind.

The Challenge

The site was largely a rebuild of the existing site, then known as Classic Villas, and was based on from a technology perspective, but was different from a design perspective.
The intention of the site is to inspire the user, and then to get them to send Cape Town Villas their details who then find the perfect property for them – bookings can’t be made directly on the site
No search functionality was needed as the site is more targeted to giving the traveler ideas/inspiration. It’s a “shop window”, rather than a “buy now”.

The Solution

Owned by the Nox Group, Cape Town Villa’s website was modeled after the Nox site with very similar functionality. One major addition to the functionality of the site was the inclusion of Wish Lists, which allows users to put together lists of accommodations they’d like to stay at, and share them via social channels or email.
The most important aspect of the website design and development for Cape Town Villas was the single property page, as this is where prospective guests and visitors will land and it’s the best chance to get them to convert – in this case, to provide their details. We spent a lot of time debating and wireframing the layout of the page, doing multiple iterations to get the formula just right. We had a conversion specialist working on it, as well as a designer, a copywriter and the owner of Nox himself.
The orange CTA button is a different colour to other buttons on the site. We created a style guide with the client which specified link colours, button colours and rollover colours, helping to draw attention to the most vital part of each page. Grays, turquoises, black and white were the base colours, and orange was used as the main accent colour.
Live availability checking is made available through Kigo. A handy feature of the calendar we used is that on the days in which guests are checking in and checking out, the styling is such that other prospective guests know that they can still check out, for example, on a day that someone is checking in – or vice versa.
Cape Town Villas now have a website with live that allows users to peruse their portfolio of luxury cape town accommodation. It’s fully responsive for mobile devices, has been built with conversion optimization in mind, and has been optimized to ensure the best results in search engines.

The Results

Charlotte Metelerkamp
Role & Company: Head of Sales & Distribution | Classic Villas

I was approached by LightSpeed as we were looking to vastly improve on a website which was not performing at all. Ashley and his team at LightSpeed assisted me effortlessly; understood our needs quickly and offered us intelligent solutions which made complete business sense.
The result is not only a site which is performing better than expected, but is beautiful, simple and unique. Everything we were hoping for an more.
I would recommend LightSpeed to any company, big or small, looking to improve on the user experience and look of their website.

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