The Company

DOCaddress supports marketing campaigns for healthcare companies. Their experience is based on many years as a healthcare service provider. Their wide variety of services have helped their customers to successfully achieve their direct marketing goals.

The Challenge

DOCaddress is a German website, built using WordPress in 2009. Minimal development work was carried out on the site for the next 6 years. Unfortunately, the website was the victim of malicious hacking and needed to be rebuilt from scratch. The website is built in German.

The Solution

LightSpeed built a responsive website that showcases the client’s services and other information in a modern and clean layout.

The Results

Stephan Sliwensky
Role & Company: Marketing Director | DOCaddress

LightSpeed developed our brochure website some years back, we elected to use our own hosting and we didn’t keep our WordPress installation updated.

The site was infected quite badly and the content was replaced with malicious content. We contacted LightSpeed, who responded quickly and helped clean our site.

Subsequently we moved our website to LightSpeed’s secure hosting to prevent this type of infection from happening in the future.

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