The Company

FAIRLADY is an original South African magazine that connects and supports a diverse network of contemporary South African women. The company required a website for FAIRLADY Smart Women, launching their first course called 7 STEPS TO YOUR START-UP!, a business course based on the powerful Over the Rainbow course, a high-impact online programme designed by successful entrepreneurs for start-ups and small businesses. The programme consists of 7 modules that take women through the process of launching a successful business step by step.

The Challenge

In order to fulfil the website requirement, there was a need to build a platform that could not only host and promote the first course, but also subsequent courses at a later stage. In addition, there was a requirement to make the learner onboarding process as clear and seamless as possible. And lastly there was a need to effectively present the course lessons, which are fairly comprehensive and consist of text, video and PDF downloads.

The Solution

A preliminary style guide was provided by the client that included a logo that the FAIRLADY team designed, and some initial ideas on the website look and feel. Guided by these, our LightSpeed team were able to flesh out the final web style guide, a homepage and the course page in both logged out (not signed up yet), and logged in (signed up and logged in) modes.

With these elements in place, the website was built in WordPress using our LSX theme, using a variety of plugin solutions to meet the project requirements. WooCommerce handled all the functionality to get learners through checkout and sign them up to the course. After signup, learners were added to a membership run using the WooCommerce Memberships extension, which enabled the display of differing content based on whether or not the user was signed up or logged in or not. Using Sensei LMS, lesson content was able to be stored and presented, providing learners with clear navigation as they moved through the lessons and tracked their progress. Importantly, Sensei LMS also enables learners to be quizzed to provide them with a clear sense of how much course material they have grasped. 

All pages apart from the templates that handle eCommerce, so the Cart, Checkout and My Account pages, were built using WordPress Blocks, which allows us to make quick layout changes without needing to involve a developer. The only “real” development involved is styling how typical UI elements will look, things like site colours, fonts, buttons etc…

Apart from templates that handle eCommerce, such as Cart, Checkout and My Account pages, all pages were built using WordPress Blocks, allowing our team to make quick layout changes without the need for a developer. With development only required for styling UI elements such as site colours, fonts and buttons to be in line with the look and feel required, the build of the site answered all of the client’s needs, and is ready and robust for the addition of another course when required.

The Results


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