Flowers For Everyone

Flowers For Everyone sells and delivers flowers online, they contacted us after their initial attempt to build an online shop on Magento proved unsatisfactory. They needed a cost effective solution since budget was limited due to former project setbacks. Our experience working within the WooCommerce ecosystem means we have intimate knowledge of existing software solutions that enabled us to offer tried and tested software recommendations that delivered virtually all their functionality requirements. This project is a prime example of the flexibility offered in WooCommerce, which enjoys a large and enthusiastic developer community that is simply par none. No matter how specific or unique your project requirements are, it’s very likely that someone else has already done it and has made that solution available to the world in the form of a WooCommerce plugin extension.

WooCommerce Extension Configuration

  • WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor: Adds custom fields to the checkout form. Since flowers are often sent as a gift, they needed to include a field to capture a personal message to the recipient.
  • WooCommerce Order Delivery: Some business only deliver on certain days of the week, or they allow their customers to choose when their product should be delivered.
  • WooCommerce Ship to Multiple Addresses: Allows a customer to split the shipping of items in their order and tell the vendor that an item in their cart is a gift that must be shipped to an address that is not their own.
  • WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options: All flower bouquets have the option to add a vase to the order, the price of the vase depends on the size of the bouquet size. This extension has the required conditional logic to support it.

Design and Development

A collaborative design approach between us and their team meant that some compromises in form had to be made. Often designers are unaware of the technical challenges their design mean in practice and in development. Fortunately the way our LSX Theme integrates with WooCommerce was already quite close to many of the designs submitted, a few minor design tweaks meant we were able to work within budget. The goal was to release an acceptable first version of the website. In the future we aim to iterate new functionality and further design. The project also makes use of some of our LSX theme extensions: Banners; Customizer; Blog Customizer; Sharing and Search.



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