The Company

Inner Glow is a company based in Belgium that provides a subscription based service to customers looking for easy to order smoothie varieties.

The Challenge

Inner Glow contacted LightSpeed, once Treestar had done with building the site using Site Origin’s Pagebuilder, to build the subscription side of the site. They provided us with beautiful design assets that

The Solution

The WooCommerce shipping zone is set to work only in Belgium, so unfortunately if you’re reading this from outside of Belgium you won’t be able to test the workings of the site. When you try signup, it will only let you if your postcode is a valid Belgian one.
Stepped checkout flow
Step 1: Choose the subscription type you want, depending on how many cups you want to get a month.
Step 2: Choose the smoothies you want, and it dynamically counts down how many smoothies you can choose depending on your choice in Step 1. If you go over the allowed amount, it prompts you to increase your subscription.
Step 3: Once you purchase you can share on Facebook your subscription choice, the smoothies you chose.You’re then taken to your My Account page.
The smoothies, although not purchasable individually, were each added as individual products so that they could be configured to make up each subscriber’s’ subscription.
My Account Page
From the Account page you can change your delivery date and time. On this page, the calendar dates that are displayed as black mean you can change your delivery dates to those days – the ones highlighted yellow are when your currently selected delivery dates are set. You can’t change your delivery dates too far in the future that they extend beyond your subscriptions’ current billing cycle.
Payment methods can be changed, as can your card details
You can also select extras for your smoothies, – additional ingredients to mix things up! You can select between 4 and 20 extras for the smoothies.
You can also view your previous orders. Some changes were made to the regular WooCommerce previous orders page template. We removed superfluous columns from the default table that WooCommerce outputs, and also styled it to align with the company’s branding and colours.
From the My Account page you can also pause your subscription.  You can also switch your subscription, which takes you through the same 3-step checkout flow albeit slightly quicker because your account is already created and your credit card details stored.
Products page
We developed this page without having to use any custom fields. It was all achieved using only WooCommerce Product Attributes fields from the WooCommerce core to show things like each smoothie’s calories, grams and so on.
We did an API integration for their shipping partner. The shipping scripts run on Wednesday and Sunday nights. On a Sunday night, it looks for any subscriber who has chosen smoothies and extras for the following Wednesday, then it looks at their subscription and what smoothies and extras are stored against the subscription. It then generates a WooCommerce order for the smoothies and the extras separately. The order info is generated as an xml file that is sent to the shipping partner for processing with the user’s order options.
The client found us via the WooCommerce WooExperts directory – a group of hand selected high quality WooCommerce experts endorsed by WooCommerce.
The site has been performing extraordinarily since launching, with hundreds of subscribers having signed up. 

The Results

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