The Company

Lean Body Blitz is a company belonging to Women’s Health. This division is dedicated to providing a 12-Week online diet plan that includes workout routines and meal plans compiled by professional trainers and Dieticians.
Women’s Health provides lifestyle and fitness advice for Women with an online and print magazine.

The Challenge

The people at Lean Body Blitz needed a WordPress run website that allows users to subscribe to a 12-Week Exercise Plan. The user would then complete the workout routine and eating plans set per day for 12 Weeks.
Men’s Health, the “brother” company of Women’s Health, already had a website called BellyOff which has the exact format and layout needed for the Lean Body Blitz Website. BellyOff, however, was not built on WordPress, which meant manually recreating it in our CMS of choice. Rebuilding it in WordPress meant that the new site would have additional functionality and a easy admin interface.
The conclusion was that a duplicate of the Belly Off website needed to be created on a WordPress platform. This would mean that the website would have the same structure and layout as the original site, but by making use of WordPress plugins, features and themes.
The duplicate site would then be branded and styled to match the colour design and content supplied by the Lean Body Blitz client.

The Solution


In order to duplicate the design of the BellyOff Website, we developed a custom theme. This Theme added additional pages, settings and design options to the WordPress platform which allowed the website to inherit the same functionality available on the BellyOff website.
This theme could then be installed by other websites to copy this functionality such as the Run It Off website by Runner’s World.
In order to create the paid subscription service, we took advantage of the multiple features made available by the Woocommerce plugin. The company needed users to be able to pay immediately when subscribing with the help of a third-party payment gateway. The payment gateway – Peach Payments – was configured in order for users to make quick and safe Credit Card Payments.


Content supplied by the customer was added into the custom pages and post types that were created by the custom theme. Unique icons and images were configured into these pages .


The designers at LightSpeed used both the custom colouring options provided by the theme and the WordPress customiser to alter the colour scheme of the website to match the previously proposed design.

The Results

Yentl Barros
Role & Company: Media24

I approached LightSpeed Development because they developed a similar site within our group before and we were satisfied with the job they did previously.
We contacted LightSpeed again to develop a paygated site for Media24’s lifestyle magazine brand Runner’s World. The site needed to host a 12-week weight-loss plan which includes meal and workout plans, shopping lists and user profiles with weekly weight tracking.
LightSpeed Development helped me by giving professional input on how to make the site as user-friendly as possible.
LightSpeed developers are knowledgeable and efficient, always went the extra mile to make sure they produced a final product that we were happy with.
One thing I liked was their Great communication – prompt response to mails and swift action on requests.
I found the experience prompt and professional. LightSpeed became part of our team during the development of this project and they accepted our outcomes and deadlines as their own. Great, knowledgeable and willing developers made for a productive partnership with them.
I would absolutely recommend LightSpeed to people who need custom WordPress development services.

Rochelle de Beer
Role & Company: Media24

We are happy with the turnaround time on issues reported and the fact that our emails are acknowledged once received. Lightspeed is also always eager to help and will go the extra mile to learn the process & procedures of Media24.

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