The Client

Londolozi is a premier accommodation destination located in the world renowned Kruger National Park. Their wildlife camps are synonymous with the ultimate in luxury travel.

List optimisation and merge

We assisted with their subscriber list in MailChimp, merging multiple lists that together contained nearly 100,000 email addresses. We recommended a list cleaning service to get a verified list of emails that could potentially pass MailChimp’s very stringent validation rules. The lists were merged into one master list using interest groups that are used for segmentation. Existing subscriber data was carefully updated to make their email marketing strategies easy to deploy, without negatively effecting their subscribers, who had no idea anything had changed.

Development consultation

Londolozi had  already established strategies for acquiring subscribers, using subscription forms on their existing website. We reviewed how those forms were implemented and consulted with their development team, so that they could alter their code in a way that supported  changes made when optimising their MailChimp subscriber list.

Campaign consultation

Londolozi needed to personalise their communication to include greetings that uses a subscriber’s name if available, but uses a fallback if no data is available. The fallback also changes based on the interest group the subscriber is a part of. These features make heavy use of MailChimp’s conditional merge tags.

Richard Laburn
Role & Company: Londolozi Marketing

The team at LightSpeed are professional, organised and very good at what they do. It was a pleasure to work with them on a project to create, update and streamline our mailing lists on Mailchimp.

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