The Challenge

The Men’s Health Belly Off Nutrition and Exercise programme was redeveloped using WordPress and the LSX Health Plan plugin and LSX theme. Redeveloping the site meant migrating the content and the existing customer base to the WordPress CMS, and rebuilding the static pages using the block editor.

The Solution

LSX theme and the LSX Health Plan plugin have been developed to combine nutrition and exercise regimes into a holistic weight-loss programme that is super easer to navigate. Media24 has used this suite of software to build several websites, which are all successfully marketed through their print magazines and social platforms.

The eCommerce aspect of the site uses the WooCommerce platform with WooCommerce Memberships plugin required to restrict access only to those users who have paid for the programme.

Men’s Health, who administers the website on a daily basis, are ecstatic to have a refreshed design, and a user-friendly interface to manage this popular weight-loss programme.




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