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LightSpeed customized SARIE Bruid’s website for Afrikaans, integrating WooCommerce with special add-ons and creating a tailored business directory with LSX Business Directory and WP Adverts.

The Challenge

The challenge in this project lay in two areas: firstly, as none of the plugin software has been fully translated to Afrikaans yet, these need to be customised for this project. Secondly, there was a requirement to create a customised business directory that could respond to the need for users and suppliers to create and pay for their own classified listings. 

The Solution

For this website, eCommerce is powered by WooCommerce, with Subscriptions and Memberships add ons. The services directory uses LightSpeed’s LSX Business Directory, and WP Adverts used for the wedding dresses as it answered the requirement perfectly. As none of the plugin software has been fully translated to Afrikaans these were customised for this project. As with all our projects, we used our LSX Theme.

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